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Monday, April 22, 2013

One page game of the week : Dice Chess.

One page game of the week : Dice chess.
Set up:
Take a standard Chess board.
Player 1 Takes 16 d6 of one color
Player 2 takes 16 D6 of a distinctly different color.
Each player Rolls all of their dice then lien them up as if there were chess pieces, filling up the back two rows of the chess board on opposing sides from each other.
Moves:   Players take turns moving dice; they may move 1 die per turn. Dice may only move forward, back left or right. Dice showing a roll of 6 may move any direction including diagonals.
Dice showing a roll of 2-6 may move 1 square per turn. Dice showing a roll of 1 may move 2 squares.
Capture:  A player may capture an opponent’s die by moving onto the opponents square with a die that shows an equal or higher roll. (For example, a die showing a roll of 2 may take an opponent’s die that shows a roll of one or two, but not a die that shows three or higher.)

When a player captures an opponent’s die that die is removed from the game and placed near the player who captured it, still showing its value when it was captured.(you might need this in fo later on)
When a player captures an opponent’s die he or she must then reroll the die that made the capture and place it in the square t has just taken. (For example, player 1 has a die that shows a roll of 3 he moves one space forward and takes his opponents die that shows a roll of 2. The opponents die is removed form the game and player 1 rerolls his die placing it in the square formerly owned by his opponent.)Winning:The last player with dice on the board wins.
If neither player can make an effective play for more than two turns, (Ie: just chasing each other around the board unable to make a capture,)
Then the player with the highest dice total left on the board wins.
If in this situation the game is still a tie then the total value of dice captured can be counted and that player is the winner.
On the off chance the game is still a draw then, it’s a draw.

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