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Monday, April 15, 2013

Dungeon made of cards.

This idea obsconded from another desinger who's blog I was reading. (I will get you a link  ASAP) However I have not read his game so I have no idea how he does his resolution, it's obvious that he and I both like dwarf fortress a whole lot, so lets mull it over.
How to make a solo play dungeon fortress game..
I think a deck of cards would be a good way to determine results in a single player game of dungeon building? I wonder what would be better. The problem with cards is as any card is take the % chance of finding any other card goes up. So if the queen of hearts is out of the pile the chances to find the 3 of clubs just went up. This can become part of the game.
Say for example each draw of a card equals 100 years of a dwarf city (give or take).
Each card drawn requires some kind of Role play or response from the player.
When the Ace of spades is drawn, that card ends that age of the dwarf city.
The deck is reshuffled and the player starts over, in a new age.
The game ends after 3 ages, and the history of the dwarf city is revealed.
Now that sounds ok but now I need to come up with resources and such that the player can use to fight off problems in his dwarf city. How will (that) all happen using simply cards?

Right now in my head this sounds liek a creative writing project less a game. Not that there's any thing wrong with that.
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