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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unusual parts:

Unusual parts:
So what is the next unusual part for a game?
The block game uses blocks of wood to build a dungeon, it's fun but not exactly what I was thinking of.
What I am talking about are new randomizers. Dice are the standard because they are reliably random, convenient size, cheap, and most gamers have them in bulk.
There is a game that uses stacks of D6’s (Hell for Leather) Dread uses Jenga to good effect. The old prince valiant game used coins. Cards have been used. There are even games that have used different colored marbles pulled from a sack.
So what else is there, or what else could there be?

I like the idea of a game that uses things that are tied to the setting to figure results. If for example you are working on a game about pirates, why not have coin flips (or doubloon flips) as part of the mechanic?  Cards can be extremely thematic. A western game that uses poker hands as a randomizer sounds cool, or a game about wizards that uses a tarot deck to resolve conflicts?  Even custom cards that are drawn or written on index cards.
What about a game where during a conflict each player writes three possible results on small pieces of paper and drops them into a hat, then the acting player pulls a scrap at random and role-plays whatever he/she gets? I know that is more story game than traditional RPG, but it could be fun.
My point is that I see no reason why mechanics in RPGs need to be constrained to dice, cards, or any other traditional randomizers, or even randomizing mechanics at all. Look around the house, think about the setting and let your imagination rip.

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