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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 Weeks and ... oh boy.. lets talk Dread Ball.

I’m not sure about the one page game of this week. Busy at work and intellectually lazy at home, I am drawing blanks for games I can fit on one page. I went three weeks though, and it's only Wendsday!
What I am thinking of doing is running a test solo game of “down On Old Mill Road” and then publish it here. That game idea drew some atention, so it might be worth fleshing out a bit.
Dread Ball talk:

 Aound the end of this week or the end of next week. Once that happens I will post an unboxing over on my youtube. Everyone can get a look at what teams we have to play with and start thinking about which team suits them.
For the record Dreadball is not Blood Bowl and the comparisons I see on line are not really all that valid. Some of the terms are the same but the game plays much differently.
The way I see it Blood bowl is very strategic in that how you are going to reach your goals is often largly predetermined by your team choice. You can choose to play how you want to pay before the dice ever hit the table. For example if you pick the wood elves that is a strategic choice to use the assets of that team to obtain your goals. There are some tactical decisions during play, but they are not so much about how you are going to achieve your goals, but more about minimizing risk.
Dread ball on the other hand is very tactical. The choices you make play to play, the securing of objectives set by strategy (score points to win), the technique of deploying and directing your players all change moment to moment. Being a “bashy” team is nice, being a “fast” team is nice, but those things don’t define the play of your team turn to turn in the game as much as they do in Blood Bowl.

 It’s a huge difference that plays out in a kind of discreet fashion; I’m really looking forward to seeing if this observation holds up with the more complex season two teams.

Pluss DredBall spells it Orx, which must count for something?