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Friday, May 3, 2013

Do it yourself or Kick it?

Do it yourself or Kick it?
I like to write games and explore game ideas. I don't think any of my ideas are boundary pushing , or even new, but I enjoy the process and like to share it with others. I call it the “do it yourself “ gaming hobby. If a game or genre catches my eye , most of the time I have tried to do it myself at least in my head, figure out how I would make that game.
With the advent and rise of Kicks starter however I have been more and more tempted to simply make a small investment and get in the ground floor of an interesting game.

If I put the block game on the table and tell a group “lets play this! And oh by the way we have to print out character sheets and rule books and bring your own mini's and yeah any mini's that you might have that we could uses as mobs.” or “lets un-box this new Kicks starter and give it a go with real figures and a nice glossy book.” Chances are the group will want to try the real production game. Additionally the production levels of games recently have been through the roof. Fantasy flight games has set the standard for boxed games and now other company's are rising to meet those standards. The products coming out now in boxes are of the same standard that a few years ago you would only find in larger collectible armies games from companies like Games workshop. The production values offered by companies and their kick starter projects far surpasses any thing I can do

Now take into account that the block game was made at no small expense, what with all the parts the blocks, the time, and so on.
Forget that I think the block game is as good a skirmish game as any thing out there and that it offers and does things no other game does. That's not my point. (toot toot)

The point is for the same or less money and zero effort other than reading the rules, the group can be just as happy playing Zombicide, Dread Ball, the up coming Deathzone, or any other recently released game that, had I backed them I could have gotten my hands on at a good price.
Back to the question, I wonder is it worth it to do it your self any more or just find a genre you love and back things you can find on kick-starter?

In my mind it's like building a car, chances are a person could go to the junk yard scrap the parts together to build their own car, frame, engineer, interior, whatever. There is likely someone out there right now who really enjoys that kind of thing. Honestly unless the person building their own car has a good deal of know how, and a great many resources, he is likely still going to want a real car in the driveway, and his friends will likely rather ride in the real car over the junk pile he is cobbling together in the back yard. So it's only worth building your-own if you want to enjoy the process for it's own sake, otherwise, just go to the lot.