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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tessellations and the big ship.

Tessellations and the big ship. 
Lately my mind has been turning to fleet battles whether it is ocean going vessels or space fairing dreadnaughts. 
In the past my big hang up was either you have a grid or hex mat restricting your movements or you have a measure system that may or may not account for a ships nimbleness or maneuverability in it's own way. I have sometimes felt a both methods are a bit clumsy. 
Here is my thought.
Why stop at grids and hexes?
Why not stray into the world of semiregular tiling?

(aint that perdy?)
If we were to restrict ships to only being able to enter spaces of their size / class or larger, we could have several sizes / class of ships all acting under the same rules but performing very differently in play.

For example if a large ship can only enter the big peach spaces that are connected by squares, and had to pay (movement energy whatever) to change facings when in the big peach spaces, then those big ships would move a great distance with each space but turn a crap load slower than a tiny ship that could enter any space on the board and pay the same price to change facings.

To continue: A tiny ship could cross the big peach 12 sided Space and move into one of the blue cube spaces and basically turn on a dime; but those sharp turns would not be as incremental so in turn not as precise as the huge shit turning in the 12 sided peach area.

It's all just conjecture, but I think it would make for a fun ad a bit more tactically challenging ship to ship combat model.