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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When confronted by a blank page... just type.

Blank page syndrome I guess.

I was thinking of updating the concept of PARANOIA to be a bit more topical for today (Though Paranoia is technically always topical.)
So I was thinking of a game where every character has a camera installed in their eyes when they are born. When the characters reach young adult hood the dormant cameras switch on and they become part of the worlds biggest reality show.
You can literally tune into anyone, the camera is never off, every one is watching you.
Naturally you would be given a bunch of similarly aged room mates, and stupidity would ensue.
Each player would have a turn interacting with the world, the other players as the “audience” would give the player dice to do things with.
Good rolls would raise the character popularity a bad rolls would raise the characters infamy.
Each player would have two stacks of 6's in front of them (like hell for leather) one to represent popularity one to represent infamy.
With mechanics to move dice between towers , even perhaps swap towers with others.
If either one were to fall over, the the shit would hit the fan in a epic explosion of drama and emotions perhaps death, that would eliminate the character.

The idea of the game would be to exist like that heaping on others attention and embarrassing moments and until the character cracks.
I had some ideas about dice and how they would be used. (a good number of D6's changing hands for a start)
Some other ideas....

I'm not sure it would be fun.

I do like the idea that reality TV is today's fishbowl, a pressure cooker of attention, expectations and opportunity heaped on people that are emotionally ill equipped to deal with it. Also I belive the audience  is really only watching for the car wrecks.
I think its a subject that is ripe to explore. It's like paranoia in that it is fun to put the pressure on the players until they crack and start gunning for each other. Thats when the game actualy gets moving.
But is it still fun when the characters are not sci-fi guys in red suits?

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