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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello, My name is Mark and I have a favorite setting..Day 4 of the 30 days of D&D

Day four of the semi-great AD&D blog challenge.

Hello, My name is Mark and I have a favorite setting..


I have to start off by eliminating the settings that were home brew, custom, or Gm written. If I were to not  I would go with my friend's Sebastian & Kirk's settings, if for no other reasons than the sheer number of little notes Seb kept on index cards regarding all kinds tidbits, and the drawing of Shadis that Kirk did that made us all not want to ever find him.
However onto the topic at hand.

I love Birthright.
There, I said it. I am throwing my hat in for Birthright.

I have no idea if the game / setting / mass combat card rules as boxed are playable, I have my doubts. However I love the  idea and the scope of the game, that the PC, are blooded, bonded to their lands, and gain power from them. They lead armies, they move amongst the other leaders of the realm, the pc's are finally where successful PC's end up, running a land holding.
Oh and Realm Magic is dope, lets not forget that.

It's so awesome I stole some of it for my latest incarnation of my own setting.

If a DM came to me as a player and said “I have Ravenloft, Dark-sun, SpellJammer, Birthright, Red Steel, Mysteria, Hollow World, Ravenloft, AlQuadim, and so on.....PICK ONE.” For me it would be Birthright hands down.

It just feels like epic fantasy to me.