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Sunday, September 1, 2013

How did You get started with D&D?

Post one in the  30 posts for 30 days D&D challenge.

How did you get started with D&D?

Well that's interesting and a bit tough. I playing games with a neighborhood friend back in elementary school, games like Areo Tech and Battle tech and shortly before he moved away I got my hands on the red-box of basic D&D (like 4 weeks + allowance at the time.)
So we made characters, ran the initial adventure from the box, did it all”Wrong” but it was fun. I started talking about it at school. Got some more books (blue box?)

It really started at my friend Fred's house, I drew a big cheesy map, he made a character named “Buck” who was particularly proud of his pole arm, and we had a campaign. Buck searched for the Ruby Sword, and it was hidden on that map, and he went all over the place, fighting monsters and searching. It was a sandbox game before any one ever talked about sandbox, it was really poorly put together but neither of us cared. We were staying up all night and having a good time, it was a win win.

We got other friends involved, I redrew the map, but the quest stayed mostly the same, eventually it grew until at it's peak we had nine player games with a huge overarching story line and crazy things happening nearly every week. We also played a lot of other games, Marvel supers, FASA Dr who, Star-ship battles, TMNT, Paranoia some others, but we always played some D&D when we could.

We played through middle school and high school, after high school. Players came and went,we moved though versions of the game, AD&D, 2nd ED, 3.0, 3.5.

by the time 4th ed came around the group had all spread around the country and the three of us left decided to write our own game (We did not want to shell out the cash for yet another set of D&D books, sorry Wizards that's just how it was). We wrote a game, and started using it, the D&D years were pretty much over.

Here's the kicker , we never stopped using the setting, no matter what system we were playing. We still joke about things that happened years ago, (Lancelot Goodthrust came through the window and chopped Treegan's boyfriends head in twain, that was a thing.) As group we have our own strange little mythology that no one really knows but us... It's a strange thing that only long time RPG players get.

And even stranger, August 2013 we started a fresh new campaign, on the same map (albeit redrawn yet again,) with some new players, and some old ones. The story continues.