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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

B.P.G.D. side effects might include....

I would like to talk about a horrible and fictional illness that afflicts me and I am sure at least one or two other people in the world.
B.P.G.D or (Blah-puh-ggud) better known as ( Bi Polar gamers’ disorder)
Let me explain, unlike true Bi, Polar disorder or any true non-fictional disorder this is not serious, life threatening or found in the DSM-V. This makes sense considering I made it up.
It is however annoying to me and I’m sure those around me.
B.P.G.D. is effectively a cyclical disorder, where in every few months the victim, just stops being motivated to game, run games write games etc. (usually accompanied by notions of , no time of this waste of my time, dark thoughts about Cuthulu and video games) The down months are followed by a period of, “HOLY SHIT I HAD THIS GREAT IDEA …OR FIVE!”  These periods can last weeks or months but they definitely cycle.
Right now I am in a down month, I want so bad to work on a new RPG idea I had a few weeks back but right now I’m just not motivated, or interested. The switch is effectively off.
I have no idea why.
So in an effort to get the wheel turning again I’m going to list out everything that I had floating in my head for this  new RPG  in no order.
Setting stuff, system stuff all mixed together, dogs and cat living under one roof, chaos, blood for the blood god, hot dogs, and everything.
Here we go. (In no order)
Bidding system for action resolution.
How much risk are you willing to take to get an action done? What is the resource?
Narrative actions,  use narration to lower action difficulty
Characters as collections of skills and connections, not stats and numbers.
Diesel punk world with floating sky islands?
A world not completely mapped , by any one?
Mustaches, tweed, bomber jackets, for queen and country?
American mythos, things that exist in modern legends?
Talking out actions rather than moving into system, only using the system at impasses.
Not GM’less
Not one shot (just not my cup of ale)
Players having a main character and two or three background NPC’s to use also.
A system of framing games that is tailored to how we actually play, in short episodes.
Goals like phase to move character growth along.
A town without dance’n!?...  JUMP BACK!
Automatically interesting characters.
Has to be a game I would want to play or run.
Co-op character creation amongst the group, no man is an island!

That is all I have right now. Well that and a file on my thumb drive at home called “New RPG” with about twelve lines typed out.
I guess I am hoping someone will comment with a neat observation, or something on that list will get me fired up again.  
B.P.G.D. is not a real illness, but it is real to me, I loose interest in pretty much everything  on a regular schedule, and it makes me a difficult , bastard. This time I am going to take a shot at trying to break the cycle, and perhaps finally finish something…. I think…