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Friday, December 13, 2013

DEAD ZONE kick-starter unboxing.. Video Blog?

DEAD ZONE kick-starter unboxing Video BLOG (Drum roll please)

Something special for everyone who follows the blog today. The unboxing of my DeadZone kick starter package from Mantic games.

Some details:
Last spring DeadZone went ape shit on kick starter raising $1,216,482 on a $50,000 dollar goal.. or ...2433% funded, that sir is “magic bananas funding” level

I was an early adopter of “Dread-Ball” and then vacillated over whether or not to back the DeadZone kick starter when it came around. Dread-Ball was super fun so I was sure Deadzone would be  as much fun.

So why the vacillation abut deadzone? Good question. I knew they would make their goal, Mantic had just killed it with Dredball and had that kick starter momentum that any company would die for. Dead Zone was by the same designer +Jake Thornton (Whose Design Blogs I really enjoyed and were an influence on me starting this blog for Shards.) I knew they would have another home run. What was holding me back was the “damn one more game to play??” syndrome and the fact that I may have to paint all these miniatures at some point.

ON the first point I am sure we all feel it sometimes. A game looks great but we have no clue when or if we will ever get to play it. The backlog of games a dedicated hobbyist can amass is staggering. And I have one, Shards of Thimbral needs to be worked on, The Block game needs to be played, AD&D 2ned ed about twice a month, Fate now and again, a bazillion board games (it goes on) I did not see Dead-zone fitting in. (I told my wife thank you for the gift we WILL PLAY IT so it will happen.)

Secondly is the painting issue. I have one gripe with Mantic and it is a purely personal one. I don't expect anyone to agree, but I hate painting these smaller scale plastic minis. For me it is a nightmare. I am a fair, not good miniature painter, and I have a hell of a time with these sculpts. I don't know why. Just putting together some of the Dread-Ball teams was enough to make me never want to see them again. (I'm looking at you guys Z'Zor..) I want to make clear this is not a knock on Mantic games and their mini's. I think they offer a great product at a good price point and clearly doing smaller scale plastic mini's is a big part of that. The fact that my fingers are to stubby and shaky to paint them is no fault of theirs.
mine will not look this good.

Lucky for me my generous and ever understanding wife backed it as a Christmas present without telling me. She funded at the strike zone level which gets me honestly a pile of stuff, I don't even know what , I lost track at stretch goal “crazy.” (the shipping weight is a bit over 8 pounds, that's a-lot of lil plastic mini's)

So what we're going to have for this Friday is my first Video Blog, with me as your happy host and a bunch of tinny baggies containing dismembered plastic figures as our subject.
I hope you enjoy.

This video Blogg will be hosted on You-tube and is likely best watched on that site.

I will be recording with a web cam, so this is nothing fancy. I apologize in advance for any quality issues, there will be some, I'm not set up for this kind of thing.

(side note: Monday's Blog will be about how i'm going to present Shard's of Thimbral's rules as it pertains to the  lay out of the rules and such.. may be less exciting.. but really yeah it's less exciting.)