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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey! I'm going to post actual Physical shards of Thimbral Progress today !
Not just vapor theory mumbo jumbo like my usual.

 This will be A quick view of a prototype starting character sheet or even character worksheet if you like, for the Shards of Thimbral R.P.G. 
 This sheet or one like it will be on the last page of the PDF when shards of Thimbral is complete.

It will not meant to be the "forever" record of a player's character and the character's adventures. What I'm hoping for is this sheet functioning  more like a work sheet to help move character creation along.

What I'm posting here is simply baby steps, nothing fancy, more of an attempted proof of concept.

it's a start

I know it is a bit hard to see on the blog, but it's a full sized 8 1/2" by 11" sheet containing not only spots to jot down initial character info but also the definitions of some of the  character terms and their uses in game. I think a tool like this would be very valuable for a new player. I particularly like the Fate Core character creation worksheet from the appendix section of the hard cover. I think that it's a great idea. 

My vision is  A GM sitting down with the rules 3 new players and three of these sheets and the four of them hammering out new characters, passing sheets and ideas around as they go. Will it work that way only time will tell.

I still need to tighten up the sheet and do some cleaner lay out. I built it with inkscape which I find kind of temperamental at times. I still need to size it all out so it prints cleanly every time. However I think it's a strong start.

As usual questions comments and shenanigans welcome.

And Happy Holidays!