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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowy day reading from around G+ (cool stuff to look at)

I figured because It is snowing and crappy here in the Hudson Valley I would do a kind of weekend extra post.
This is not going to be a super thought provoking affair but more a list of what I am keeping track of right now.
Sort of for the selfish reason of having all the links in one place for my own uses.
And also if you are sitting at home trying to decide if you want to go outside and shovel or would rather read some cool stuff..Read the cool stuff

Here we go in no particular order.

Posted about floating islands today and landed directly in the same camp as I am in when it comes to settings and moving away from overly dark settings.

Honestly I am not even quite sure what all this is yet, but it looks really interesting, evocative and cool, so I plan on spending some time this week reading as much of the Fatestorm website as I can.

Venger's Kick starter looks like it is going to be a great low down get down on the get down Old School Revival adventure, it should be funded.
Over on RPG now this is also by Venger and I want to play one of these fellows , like now..

A never ending list of cool stuff to read.
Another link to the Great Blog roll at Dyver's. So nice I shared it twice.
It's snowing out Pick some Blogs from the great blog roll then sit and read .. no reason to go out there in that crap. Also another thanks to +Charles Akins for including this wee lil' blog on the Blog roll.

Mike Evans is putting together a setting called Hubris and all of his ideas are down right awesome..(Who does not love Gorgons? who does not love precious metals?'s a win win..)
So check it out.