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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The P.I.G. (not getting glanced over)

PIG! (Possibly interesting game)
I don’t wanna be a pig!
I want to be an I.G. an interesting game.
What I mean is this, there are A LOT of games out there right now. I don’t know how you see it, but in my view this is like the damn golden age of table top games. There are more quality R.P.G.s and board games being developed and on the market than I have ever seen and I have been around this hobby for about 25 years or so. It’s fantastic, almost heady sometimes. The quality is crossed the board better than ever and the creativity is simply off the charts. If you disagree, go to your local game store pick up a copy of the Numenera hardcover and just hold it, leaf through, then do the same with a hard copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics look how much personality just oozes from its pages, then Fate Core and look at how well put together and organized that is, how frankly beautiful Numenera is. Then think there are HUNDREDS of other examples I could be using. ON top of that I have not even mentioned any board games. DAMN.
As a player it’s fantastic.
As a would be designer, it’s problematic
Back to the P.I.G.:
I think I have the chops to offer up a game that a interested party might say “Hrmm that’s a possibly interesting game,” Just before they go buy a copy of Fiasco.
What I need to do is figure out how to push my ideas over that cliff to where a possible player will want to actually try the game.  This blog (Again, thank you for reading) is part of that. The one thing I think I am doing that is a bit out of the ordinary, is that if you have followed this blog you are seeing every step (and miss-step) of game development from the time I first thought of doing it. It might be the most transparent development process I have seen (I don’t have a huge sample here, so if anyone knows of another let me in on it). I think that the blog is a good start.
Another part is getting out there on the net, and chatting with other gamers, other designers, really anyone who is interested to gain input, feedback and support. (I thought about using the word recognition, but it felt wrong. I’m not out for recognition, I just want interested folks to know, I’m a guy making a game and I’m down to talk about it.) I am not the best network builder, but I have been really enjoying the conversations I have been having lately on this blog and others.
Naturally putting together a quality project is the number one best way to get people to stop and look at your work. Decent artwork, a nice lay out, and a solid game will go farther than anything else to get a game noticed, bought and talked about.
I will end on a question.
What about a game grabs your attention enough to give it a second or even third look? What is it for you that will turn a P.I.G into a purchase?