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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Numenera more experience, more observations

We played another game of Numenera on line last night.
I'm really enjoying the game.
We had a good adventure, and yeah We likely did get a bit silly at points.
Speaking for myself, I was a bit tired and was drifting somewhat more than normal.

My character is a pre-gen (I was late coming to the game, I would rather take a pre-gen than slow things down.) As the game goes he's “A Charming Jack who Merges Flesh and Steel.” That's evocative, but up until last night I was having a hard time wrapping my head around exactly what to do with that. I decided early that my Flesh and steel was going to be generally internal, giving me some stat buffs and what not. My Charming would come form my mechanical modulated voice that could match the tone that whom ever I was speak to wanted to hear at that moment. I have a good time speaking in a lilting mono tones like some kind of robot televangelist. Beyond a semi annoying drone of a voice I had nothing.

But last night I realized, I have the setting.

I have said before that the setting is my favorite part of the game.
Numenera is about the characters yes, but it is as much about the characters interacting with and exploring the setting while playing off of it. Even more so than a lot of other games.

Last night I got dipped in ceramics, learned a random language from a crystal, and stashed a recently animate body now deflated corpse.
He was all like...
 It's strange things like that which will give a player fertile ground to find the character, even if the character basically boils down to a phrase and a few feats and a phrase. The game rewards exploration and through exploration your character will be put into situation that gives the player chances to add depth to the character's personality. You get experience simply for finding weird shit, and interacting with it, you are encouraged to blow through cyphers, because they are just laying around waiting to be found. You have to explore, or your character never grows, never finds new stuff to play with.

I don't think there is anything new here. Where Numenera shines however is in how much the setting begs for exploration and how quickly things can get genuinely strange. The only parallel I can draw is perhaps Gamma world? A whole different nut, but it has it's similar air of strange sci-fi mystery.
yeah, it's kinda like that.

I'm looking froward to exploring more of the Ninth world next week, and through that learning more about my Charming Jack Who Blends Flesh with Steel.

Thank for reading , Comments always welcome!
Have a great weekend.