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Monday, January 13, 2014

Old blog posts still ripe with value.

I was looking at my blog posts and got to thinking, “very rarely do I ever look back in other people’s blogs.”
I think I will start, and encourage everybody to the same when they get a chance.

If I have one problem with the “Blogosphere” in general it’s that old posts tend to get buried, and then relegated to a drop down menu list of entries off in the right margin right some place. Furthermore the most recent five posts are always shown, leaving a regular reader no reason to scroll down to see what’s lurking at the bottom of the blog. (How many of you have seen my tag cloud? Or list of most popular posts?)   A busy blog where there are posts every day or even more than that could have some great content lurking just out of view.

With that in mind I promise that next time visit any blog, I’m going to peruse the back log of posts to see if there is any thing great that I missed.

Any adventure worth his salt knows some times you have to dig deep for the good stuff!

And with that in mind I’m going to drop links back to three of my older posts, ones that I like, from before I started actively promoting this blog.
I hope you enjoy!

As usual thank you for reading and drop me a line!