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Thursday, February 6, 2014

“Amazing adventurers incredible exploits!”

Last Saturday the gaming group and myself had the opportunity to play “Amazing adventurers incredible exploits!” the hundred percent random fantasy RPG that I wrote the weekend before and touched on in this post.
Keep reading this gets silly

We had four players
the characters they created randomly went like this:

Panster Tumblebelly, a halfling healer who has been left for dead once and is a good guy.
He is a thief with a rolling pin and leather armor
He rolled high on he thief ability chart and got to roll on the Fighter chart so he knows the warriors strike.

Hoarroar Moonshadow: young elf, head butler who saw a ghost and is now confident, wears plate mail armor and aspires to be a thief. He is armed with my rolling pin and due to a miss read my the GM (me) he ended up with the Grappling skill. Hoarroar really wants to be a real thief so he played the crap out of that trying to check for traps and unlock just about every thing.

Adokul Soulaxe, Dwarven Thief, former dart champion and maple syrup addict. He worships Yu-Thar, the Trickster Who Watches. He's searching for a true home. Yes another thief and another roll on the WARRIOR abilities chart.

I can explain this all three for theses players rolled almost exactly the same numbers on their d20 roll for class. As for the abilities I read the damn chart wrong, yeah my own chart, what can I say.

The fourth character was J (I am calling him that because the player never got back to me for this blog entry I thin the name might have been Jeramiah or some such.)

J ended up a wizard a necromancer in fact. His three random spells were “Furious seeds” which we decided was a hand full of actual seeds the character could throw that would explode on contact. “Talking irritant” a utility spell which we decided would cause a distracting mouth to grow on a target and scream and rant. Finally he rolled up rising torch which we decided would create a ghostly torch to rise fro the floor and shed light for all to enjoy.

So rather than go through he adventure step by step I am going list out the high points or “story points “ that earned players experience.

Even the adventure was random: 
The group was hired by the guild of the displacers to recover the bone altar from the dual mounds of the moth cult. I rolled this quickie using the Tomb of adventure design, and that blurb was enough to have us off and running.

The party journeyed into the woods, and were accosted on their first night by a group of Slug-goblins. These were shelled green-skinned, slimy eye stalked, rather stupid,  inept highwaymen.
This was the “lets get familiar with the die mechanics!” encounter. And here's what happened.

One of the slug-goblins got pinned to the back of one of the Player characters backs by a flurry of darts from Adokul.
Another slug-goblin got pinned to a tree with another flurry of darts
J the wizard fumbled a roll while casting and rolled a mutation, a pallid pink, sucker filled, tentacle, that sprouted from his shoulder to be exact. More on this latter.

One of the unlucky slug goblins was shucked, and it's shell used for a back pack by Pantster.
In the end the slug-goblins were dispatched.

The party arrived at the dual mounds:
For the first time and not the last time Hoarroar attempted to use twigs to pick the lock on the mounds front door, which as it turned out had no lock and was not locked to begin with.
The group gained entry after a few rounds of cajoling the stone door.

In the mound the party began sneaking about, mostly wearing plate mail and so clanking around alerting everyone to their presence.
J the wizard cast a spell to raise a torch and scored a critical success, not only raising a handy floating torch but also raising a skeleton.

They encountered a member of the moth cult, complete with paper moth wings:
Pantster managed to hide in the shadows, like a real thief, snuck up behind the guy and blasted him in the back of the head with a rolling pin, he surprised even himself.

The team moved on, another picked not locked door, a room full of giant moth larva were dispatched with some flames and a somersaulting attack by Hoarroar.

Finally the truth is reveled:
In a central chamber the members of the moth cult  were found worshiping a moth idol that was resting on top of the bone altar. The cultists are collecting sap and boiling it down into syrup.
This naturally throws Adokul over the edge, (him being a syrup addict and all)  he charges the barrels of syrup and starts drinking from the tap, exposing the whole party to the group of cultists.

A fray breaks out... I mean really a brawl two two the characters are armed with  rolling pins for god sake...

As the cultists descend on the party Adokul tries to blend in with them and turn the cultists on the rest of the party so that he could enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of maple syrup.

The group fight J the magic user rolls horridly but his tentacle does some work killing two cultists and disturbing the rest.

Panster duels his cultists to a stand still, and Hoarroar has similar success with his match up.

At about this time Adokul is interrupted in his syrup celebration by the sound of a giant moth looming above it had swooped in through a hole in the ceiling. Hoarroar immediately starts firing darts at the giant insect to little effect the  Moth made diving attacks  and attempts to snatch Pantster off the floor.

The fight wore on, Hoarroar grappled a cultist and suplexed him breaking his neck, while Panster landed some heavy blows on the moth and a cultist. J the wizard used furious seeds to score some damage, but mostly his tentacle was just wrecking shit. (it strangled one cultist then punched a hole through another cultists head. J. the wizard spent most of the round telling it to be nice, which I thought was quite funny)

In the end the giant moth was slowed by the darts and pansters rolling pin. Hoarroar rolled really well grappling it and ripping it's legs off, while Panster made off with the bone altar and Adokul stole a large drum of Maple syrup all his own.

So what did I learn?
This adventure was funny, we played it for laughs. Sure I went back and tweaked some of the casting system and added a bit of this or that, but generally it was not about system, it was just a fun romp.

Hoarrar's player really liked his character and played up the, “I'm an inexperienced thief that wants to be a real thief “ angel and wants to play that character again. I think that's great.

Adokuls player ran with the maple syrup addiction thing, and I feed into it, he provided a lot of laughs.

J the wizard loved being old, bumbling, and having no idea what the hell he was doing, in the best sense of the word. At the end as every one was leaving the mounds he asked “Why are we here again” and it was PERFECT.

The character who I was most impressed with was Pantster the halfling. He really was rolled as the least exciting, most standard character, In fact, in the game he was steady eddy, rolled well and played his ”nice guy” character kicker to the hilt. He was given the least by the game to work with but managed to do a lot with it.
It was really only in the last combat where he had some bad rolls in combat that he slowed down a bit.

 Even with that said I removed “Is a nice guy” form the random personality kickers part of the game, because it's to damn plain.

Well that’s my “play test report” of sorts.
Hope you enjoyed it.