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Monday, December 1, 2014

For the love of rolling dice!

For the love of rolling dice:
A quick note on a Shards of Thimbral design change and testing.

For the next Shards of Thimbral play-test I plan on changing how the players use dice during an impasse.

Once the difficulty of an impasse is set I plan on having the players build pools as they have been then rolling the die pools. (currently the players do not roll)
Once the die pools are rolled the players may “roll back” (lower the value of) their dice as the system currently states to earn in game narrative control.

So why?
The biggest source of confusion and debate about the shards of Thimbral game as I had it laid out the first time is that players could unabashedly choose their own fate. Once the players built his or her die pool, that player could in effect not roll any dice back and always succeed. It would be a very safe, very passive, and likely not very satisfying way of playing, but it could happen. This was not some random oversight. Without going backward and defending that as a design decision again I will say I originally thought of it as feature, a player controlled pacing device, and something I thought set the game apart.

With that said I know I would be doing the players and the game a disservice if I didn't try it both ways.

So how do I feel this will effect the game?

  • I think this will make the possibility of a player failing a roll with a low difficulty a much more realistic possibility. The failure could come along by chance, and that's OK that has been part of Role playing games from the beginning. I wanted to avoid this, I did not want players to get hung up on things that may or may not interest them in the fiction. Only by testing will I be able to see how much this actually grates against my original design goals.
  • I think it will give the players back the tactile joy of throwing up to five dice at once, and as we know EVERYONE loves to toss dice. (this includes me.)
  • It might open the game up to some interesting math games and die manipulations that I did not have access to when players were not rolling . That may be a good thing , I have to give it more thought.
  • It might (will?) speed the game up as there will be less rolling back of dice during an average impasse.

That is my current stance on Shards of Thimbral and play-testing, Spring is coming and I want to get back to it as soon as I can.

As always thank you for reading.

Any questions or comments please fire them my way below.