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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Priory of the Lumbering Collosus

He, is the last of his kind, a Titan in the flesh.

Jorun (As he is called by man) has always been, Just how long he has circled the island in silence no one knows. Endlessly he walks, shin deep in the ocean shallows never looking up, back hunched eyes fixed forward. Is it that time moves more slowly for a creature of his vast dimensions? Has he become so ancient that his mind has turned inward? Is he waiting or searching for something lost, unfathomable? No one knows.

What is known is that Jorun Is nature, he is of the earth not from the earth, he is a part of the island  ecology, he helps form the currents of the oceans and  casts a shadow crossed the island when the sun is low in the sky. (It has long been said that it is bad luck to do business in the shadow of the Titan, most wise shopkeepers suspend their dealings until the shadow passes.)
Were it Jorun's whim, if such a creature has whims at all, he could  crush the cites of the island under his  feet with little notice or concern, but he never has.

Jorun is a Titan, an immutable mystery of power and ages past.

And what of the priory?

Centuries ago a long monk named Calan, sailed a small skiff out to Jorun. Calan had convinced himself that Jorun was either the savior the destroyer, and that the silent titan was lost in thought concerning the current state of man. Calan felt that by showing kindness to Jorun that the titan's ages long meditation on the  condition of  man will end with a favorable judgement.

Calan scaled the hulking creature and for years toiled alone building at first a camp, then a hut, then a house on the very back of the titan. Each day Calan would use rope and harness to remove birds nests from the titans eye brows, pluck all manner of parasites from his thick flesh and mend his tattered clothing. Over time word of Calan spread crossed the island, he became a curiosity during his once a year visit back to the island for supplies, his wisdom had grown and he had claims of a connection to Jorun during his hours of deep meditation. Calan began to attract followers.

Over time Callan's followers built a thick leather and wood shoulder girdle for Jorun, they oiled it and padded it and have been ever vigilant for any irritation to the giants flesh, then they slowly built the priory on this foundation, brick by careful brick.

The locals call it “Jorun's Haunch” but it is “The Priory of the Lumbering Colossus.”

No less than fifty monks live in silence on the Titans back. They care for Jorun, Clean his teeth, tend his hair, moisten his brow in the heat, and shade his eyes from storms. Each day they meditate in the manner of Calan, in hopes of communing with the Titan and learning even a small part of the knowledge that he must have stored from his eons long life. They do not “steer” the titan, they do not command the or make any requests at all. Jorun simply circles the island as he always has, always looking forward, never looking up, if the Titan were to choose a new course, or decide to simply fall over dead, the priory would willingly go with him.

Once a monk grows old another youth is selected from an island orphanage, it is considered an honor. When a monk dies he is lowered gently into the one of Jorun's ever swinging hands, where the body lays in state until the winds or the rain allow the body to be dropped into the sea.

Some rumors about the Priory:
  • It is said that the monks of the priory  harvest the dead hairs from Jorun's head and weave them into a material flexible as cloth but strong as steel. They use this cloth to make the  baskets they hang from while tending the giant.
  • It has been told that the monks of the priory have tracked Jorun's movement  since the time of Callan and the Titan may be slowing down slightly as the years go by.
  • There is a story that once many years ago that at mid night during a horrible  storm Jorun stopped moving. A huge and ancient (nest to anything other than Jorun)  blue dragon flew close to his face, they locked eyes for several seconds before Jorun began to walk again. None of the monks will validate this legend. 
  • It is said that Jorun has a horrible scar running under his shirt a crossed his chest . Again none of the monks will validate this legend.
  • Legend has a school of mermaids live around the  legs and feet of Jorun.
  • Rumor has that several decades ago the monks  harvested a broken thumbnail shard from the titan, and with it the nail they created a mighty jagged sword, capable of cutting stone.
  • Legend says a colony rare song birds live in Jorun's ear. These birds are very valuable and sought after.
  • It is said,  that if  you walk the Titans shadow by moon light it is a path to the realm of the fey.

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