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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To the bravery of Adventurers

To the bravery of adventurers:
This is sort of an ode to the beauty and tragedy of level 1 character’s.  Thoughts often lost on that road to the first encounter.
What is it that would bring a cooper, a guard, a smith, a vagabond, a farmer’s son to take up arms?
Necessity?  Duty? Fear?
A band of kobolds has made camp in a small cave north of town and have been raiding the village flocks.
The guards of the sleepy town have never had to fight in earnest, now they are asked to go fourth as a group. Enter the darkness of a cave, and kill. To hunt those who would threaten their livelihoods and cut them down, in a flurry of chaotic blows, and confused torch thrown shadows, shrill screams and blood. To draw steal and violently take the life of another sentient being, face to face. It's no small choice, it is a line that can never be uncrossed.
This is Halfred the overweight gate guard, who spends more time on a bar stool than at his post.
Flynn the son of farmer Nan and apprentice to the smith, who has been pursuing the Olia the banker’s daughter since they were children, he thinks he might be getting close.
Willam the seventeen year old farm hand, which lost seven sheep to the kobolds and might lose his job next, these kobolds, might cost him the roof over his head and his one meal a day.
Olfrig the guard captain nearly 60 summers old, he has seen wolves in the winter and drought in the summer, but in all his years he has never drawn his father’s sword in anger.
No they are not heroes but by the end of this fourth night they may be.