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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ecology of the Sharpie

A creature for use wherever you need to add something different (silly):

This creature first appeared during one of our games of Phase Abandon, when the narrating player (me) confused his Harpies and his Sirens. It has since taken on a life of it's own. So here they are stated out for Amazing Adventurers and exciting Exploits, the Sharpies of Lundonium.

Ecology of the Sharpie,
The Sharpie also known as “Street Siren” or “Alley Hag” is a mythological amalgam of a shore born Siren, a vicious harpy and a musician’s tainted soul. They live in groups (a group of Sharpies is a called a pak) with as few as two and sometimes as many as a dozen. They are attracted to the darkest alleys and loneliest corners of urban areas by the sounds practicing musicians.  While a musicians mortal is what soul that attracts them Sharpies still have to eat and will kill beggars, prostitutes, and drunks for food. This habit of feeding on the forgotten and neglected strata of a cities population rarely brings a pak of sharpies into the focus of murder investigations, the victims simply disappear.

Sharpies are the mad working of a god known as “Malwm-stien the god of wind and music” In a land of untold deities Malwm-stien looked to make his mark by raising the technical aptitude of musicians all over the realms, while in return stealing their souls. This creates technically stunning musicians who's music is cold and soulless . The Sharpies are the agents of this change by visiting the musicians in their dreams; weaving their dark but technically stunning songs with the musicians own inspirations, and slowly feeding off the musician's soul. Many an aloof young musical prodigy has been not a gifted artist, but a victim of the Sharpies song.
If any one meddles with or attempts to break the soul eating curse of the sharpies they will be attacked by the full number of the pak at the paks earliest convenience. Sharpies are cunning enough to set up distractions and ambushes in urban environments (see combat.) 

In combat Sharpies are terrible foes attacking with extreme voracity. A pak of sharpies will live and stay generally in one area of a city due to this they become very familiar with the ins and outs of their surroundings, and in combat they will use high ground and flanking tactics to great effect.
Sharpies attack with blunt piercing claws and occasionally a bite in close combat. A sharpie is surprisingly strong for its build but prefers to hit and run using its knowledge of the environment to fullest effect. A pak of sharpies will not attack without some advantage, and never openly during daylight hours.

Sharpies have hollow bones and take double damage from grappling and blunt attacks of any kind.

They are innately magical in nature and cannot be charmed, and pose a 50% resistance to any spell.

Sharpies are immune to cold.

Sharpies can move vertically quickly by jumping and flapping their wings for short periods, they cannot fly but more a clumsy assisted jump akin to a turkey.

Special attack
If a sharpie attacks and scores a critical hit the victim is marked by the Sharpie. This mark is visible on the victim and is indelible. A marked victim will forever attract the attention of sharpies whenever they are near and furthermore because sharpies will attack this character with extra zeal the character suffers a -1d6 armor value against them. (Rolled once by the player at the beginning of the combat) The mark of a sharpie is always visible and  will be same color as the afflicting sharpies plumage.

A sharpie looks like a haggard old woman with jaundiced skin, unusually long faces, deep set eyes and an abnormal number of small pointed teeth. 

They are always cloaked in dark and dirty rags and wear jet black hoods that are the symbol of their god. Under the cloaks a sharpie has the body of an old woman covered in thick feathers. The feathers may be of any color from vivid red, to gold, to the most common black. It is not known if the colors denote a rank or if this is just a whim of nature. Some Sharpies have thick wide feathers while others have finer almost wispy feathers (see rumors below.)

Sharpie, Drawn with a sharpie
Sharpies have stubby wings that fold flat against their backs,  when angered they may violently flap these wings, as a warring display, to jump a great distance or to momentarily hover clumsily in the air.
A sharpies appendage are unnaturally long and thin, their three fingered hands end in blunt claws that they use to brutally stab prey.

Stat block:
  • Name: Sharpie (magical Humanoid) 
  • No. Appearing: 2 to 12
  • Resolve:  ( 20 )
  • Armor Value: 12
  • Attack: Claws (up to twice per round)
  • Damage: (3D6)
  • Perk 1: stun
  • Perk 2: knock back
  • Perk 3: Knock down
  • Critical Hit: “Permanent Mark of the Sharpie” (see combat)
  • Critical fail: Sharpie looses turn
13 Rumors:
  1. Sharpies do not eat victims but rather change them into more sharpies, hence their habit of abducting female prostitutes.
  2. Sharpies are Sirens whose songs are actuality off putting , but technically quite difficult. The are so frustrated that they turn dark and cold, taking their vengeance on young musicians.
  3. Sharpies are actuality harpies who like music, and souls, so they combine their hobbies.
  4. A pak of Sharpies lives atop the cities highest bell tower, it is there they collect the souls of they have stolen in the bells.
  5. The feathers of a sharpie can be used to make magical quills, from thick writing instruments to quills that make a much finer line , depending on the Sharpie.
  6. The hair of a sharpie makes the finest violin bow strings, the hollow bones of a sharpie can be fashioned into magical flutes.
  7. Sharpies jealously hate song birds more than anything else, they kill and eat them when ever possible.
  8. Sharpies can not swim and fear moving water.
  9. Once a sharpie has completely devoured a musicians soul it turns into a siren, if the soul stealing spell is broken it turns into a harpy.
  10. A sharpie will not go near any one skillfully playing bag pipes.
  11. If one stares into the eyes of sharpie they can see the  bits of stolen soul swimming there, and it will drive them insane.
  12. The blood of a sharpie can be collected, and boiled down into indelible ink for spell books.
  13. The mark of a sharpie can not be removed by mundane means, but there may be magical solvents that can do the job.

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