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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gone in a puff of smoke, The secret RPG formula.

I thought I wrote a pretty good blog today, it was about wizards! Then the blogger ate it.. so there... Poof ..Gone...
is all I need... A true Zen statement

You get this blog instead..

I like to talk a about role playing games why and how they work and how to make them work better. I enjoy the subject but I have a bad habit of going on about it like it's important.

Let me tell you my real master plan for success while playing or GM'ing games.

Keep in mind this is some super secret squirrel shit bout to go down.


Six steps that we all need to remember sometimes.

  1. Pick a game
  2. gather your interested friends
  3. grab some snacks and age appropriate beverages
  4. sit down
  5. play it for laughs
  6. wash rinse repeat.

Try that formula.
After a few times you will be part of the hobby and having a hell of a good time with the aforementioned friends, and that's the goal for all of this.

Think abut how, what, and why you pick the game you play and why you play. while you are doing all that thinking, remember you are playing and it is a game, don't take it so seriously all of the time. 
Have fun.

As always Opinions and Shenanigans welcome!

News about my game “Amazing Adventures and Exciting Exploits” in the near future.

Thank you for reading
I'll do better next time, right now I'm just a bit frustrated with the Bloggerverse.