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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Role Playing Games and Car's annology.

this is a BMW M3 from 1985
This is a BMW M3 fro 2013

Both of these ars are pretty darn cool, fast, and drivable.
Some folks will say they like the  1985 M3 more, for whatever reasons.  It could be nostalgia, aesthetics, or they just like the ride whatever the reason Th dig the 1983.

Some folks love the newest BMW M3 and will shout from the mountain top that it's the best ever. The dig how fast it is, all of the bells and whistles, perhaps they just like the NEW of it.

Both views are perfectly fine and acceptable. 
I have noting against someone who digs classic BMW's and I also can see the 2013 BMW M3 is pretty bad ass in it's own right.

I would not judge anyone over their opinions about BMW's.
On the other hand BMW folks will argue endlessly about what model of their beloved bimmers are the finest and why. They will talk sway bars and disc breaks until their  faces turn blue. From the outside it looks silly but to them it's darn important.

We do the same thing in our tiny niche hobby with our games.
We argue over old school vs story games, nostalgia vs  bells and whistles, edition this vs edition that old school vs theory and from the outside it looks really silly. To us however it becomes important. Important enough that segments of our relatively small community, end up disconnected from other segments of our small community.

When in fact just like the car guys were looking for the experience that we love, the perfect decreasing radius corner, the speed, the rush of (what ever does it for you.) If one  person gets there with a vehicle from 1985 that's awesome. If another person gets there with a vehicle from 2013 that is equally awesome.

I think it gets kind of stupid sometimes.

Someone telling me they are old school, or on the other side of the coin telling me the are a diligent Forge detractor, does absolutely nothing for me. 

show me what you are doing that's fun, show me the awesome, give me that perfectly driven decreasing radius corner, kill some apexes with me, write a game, write a setting give me something old school, give me  a story game, just make it awesome and stop arguing over it. Fill the hobby with fun and good times because that's what it's about.

With the new D&D on the horizon the  blog-o-sphere is likely to get crazy take a second to look around and realize were all actually enjoying the same hobby, regardless of what "car" we want to drive.