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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

100 things that are lying around in the corners of your dungeon.

100 things that are lying around in the corners of your dungeon.
(A List to be used just for general strange things lying around.)

I suppose some of these could spawn minor encounters or be small adventure hooks in their own right, though how far a player or GM woudl want to run with that is naturally up to them.

The player says, “I search the room.”
The Gm says….

1. A ball of hair containing 1. A human tooth 2. A gold coin 3. Melted wax 4. A desiccated mouse 5 a shred of silk 6. A broken piece of chalk.

2. A broken clay mask

3. A humanoid femur carved into a flute.

4. 1d4 gold coins

5. A melted candle

6. A rotten apple covered in aggressive maggots. (Stat out as a small swarm.)

7. A moldy flyer advertising a long past show called “The stories of Johann.”

8. A smashed potion bottle with one quarter dose from a random potion still salvageable. (Pick a random effect and make it one quarter as effective.)

9. A turnip carved to represent the head of a wolf.

10. A scrap of tattered 1.flag 2.tartan 3.cotton under clothing 4.cape 6.pants

11. A skull with a cross bow bolt lodged through it.

12.A rotten sack containing moldy rice and 1d4 vermin.

13. The paw of Vecna’s pet gerbil. An evil artifact, to gerbils.

15. A pile of coals, some grey some still black.

16. A fallen door that looks like something has in dug underneath it.  Under it can be found 1.a carrion crawler. 2. A bag containing 1d100 gold coins 3. A crushed dwarf skeleton 4. a very large and angry  woodchuck 5.A ghoul 6.A coiled up sleeping snake

17. A small moldy paper box colored red and containing a pile of papers along with two thin almost completely rotten books.

18.  A leather belt.

19. A small potted plant which looks relatively healthy.  1. Mint 2. A maple sapling 3. A white birch sapling 4.Basil 6. A sapling Man trapper.

20. A pile of 1d100 rusty nails.

21. A clutch of pool ball sized spider eggs.

22. A batch of strange mushrooms 1.Poison hallucinogenic 3.healing 4. intelligent and awake.

23. A large pile of Bat Guano.

24. A pile of ashes containing flakes of metal, bone, and 1d20 teeth.

25. A pile of clam and muscle shells.

26. A finger. (Could be any of the 8, but it's not a thumb.)

27. A rusty key, It has obviously been here a long time.

28. A chunk of rotten meat that has the distinct smell of smoke, apple wood smoke to be exact.

29. A small birds nest containing 1. A small but very aggressive bird 2. Small blue eggs (1d4) 3. A strange looking baby chick. 4. A large wise ass Raven who will now try to steal from you.

30. A puddle of bubbling mud.

40. A back pack containing 1. A small sewing kit 3.rotten books 4.a venomous snake 5. A book titled “How to Love Your Inner Kobold” 6.spore cloud producing mold.

41. A jar of pickled eggs.

42. A strange twine and wicker totem.

43. The mostly rotten corpse of a deer, the characters will all smell it long before they see it.

44. An expended torch.

45. A busted up tinder box, an empty flask of oil, and some unlit tinder.

46. A bag of wet sand.

47. A smashed ale stein decorated with scenes of human torture and butchery.

48. A bag containing 1d4 gold coins

49. A melted candle 

50.  A pile of dirty clothing swarmed with rodents. (Stat out as a small swarm.) 

51. A smashed human skull 

52.  A Cracked lute with  rotten strings.

53. A turnip carved to represent a running human.

54.  A puddle of congealed blood.

55.  A tiny gelatinous cube only 2 inches across and 3 inches tall... it is still acidic.

56.  A small puzzle box.

57. A cracked Ax handle with no head.
58. A bent saw.

59. A pile of still warm coals.

60. A bottle of ladies lilac perfume.

61. A smashed mirror.

62. The husk of a large insect.

63. A small book containing musical staff  and a partial completed musical score.

64. (1d6) Clay, amphora, pots and jars containing 1. nothing but dirt and dust 3.pickled eyes 4.rancid rice 5.water 6.(1d100) gold each.

65. A set of writing instruments, pen and quill, a blotter,with no ink.

67. a horse shoe.

68. a nearly completely rusted away set of plate mail containing a skeleton

69. A lump of  bees wax and mica powder in 2.white 4.Green

70. A small farmers implement 1.rake 2. hoe 3.shovel 4.sickle wrapped in dirty rags

71. Torn open brown paper wrappers.

72. A smashed chest, rotting and rusting away.

73. A piece of statuary in plaster representing 1.An angel 2.A lion 3.Thodin 4.A wolf 5.A dragon 6.A serpent 7.A symbol of evil 8.A warrior 9.A demon 10.An abstract form.

74. a wand snapped in half, burnt at both ends.

75. A tattered map to this local underground are, it looks very old and may well be out of date.

76. a wooden bucket with 1-3 a hole in the bottom, 4-6 no hole in the bottom.

77. A scalp.

78. An old dirty bandage.

79. A sack containing horse feed and a brush.

80. 1d20 arrows laid in a neat pile.

81. A large but harmless black Newt.

82. A leather pouch containing a quarter pound of salt.

83. An apparently empty lidless masons jar labeled "In case of emergency open."

84. A rotting leather bag containing a set of rusty thieves tools, a moldy deck of playing cards, and 1d4 gold.

85. A small onyx figurine depicting a Scottish wolfhound.

86. A ball of string, the free end has been singed.

87. A rusty compass, that is stuck pointing south west.

88. A cracked snow globe.

89. A document torn to shreds and tossed in the corner that seems to a a contract 1.between a retainer and an adventurer. 2.An assassin's contract 3.A sale of land between two parties. 4.An oath of allegiance between a wizard and some evil entity.

90. An elegant candle holder.

91. The skeleton of a large fish.

92. The dried peels form several different kinds of  citrus fruits and  several hash marks scratched on the wall.

93. A rotten leather whip.

94. Roll twice on this chart discount another result of 94. (Or, A  half eaten moldy cheese-wheel in cloth, if the Gm prefers a result.)

95. Two skeletons with their hands locked around each others throats.

96. A molds and nearly rotten away spell book, lying next to a skeleton that's been  ripped in two.

97. A smashed coffin full of dirt. (D4 vermin as well)

98. Three ration packs still sealed in their iron casings.

99. a child's baby doll toy, dirty and tattered, missing an eye.

100. A face recently removed from an unfortunate. 1.Elf 2.Dwarf 3.human 4.Halfling 5.Orc 6.Kobold.

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