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Friday, June 27, 2014

Dawning of New Content, actual plays!

So a new day has dawned here at the Dust Pan Games Blog.

Today I will present the first of a series of VLOG / Podcast / Mud-shark type affairs.
These Hybrid Podcasts will feature actual plays from an actual table with live humans in the other chairs. If everything goes well I will get one out a week, the first three episodes will be featuring our home game “Amazing Adventurers and Incredible Exploits or AAIE.”

Episode 1: Character creation, the episode will go step by step through the random generation of three characters, will all game options being used, It runs about 40 minutes.

Episode 2: will be “Into the Woods, Unwanted Discoveries”

Episode 3 will be “Exploring The furnace Ape Crypt.”

After that we may switch up game systems being recorded, or Switch up characters, I’m not sure, I want to see how well received this is first.

By way of introduction, AAIE is a fantasy RPG, about normal folk who don’t see any way to get ahead doing their normal mundane jobs so they make the ill advised decision to become adventurers. These are not the well equipped well thought out heroes found in other fantasy role play games, these characters are generally intrinsically flawed, under equipped, and following paths that they might not  be well suited to travel.

Furthermore the GM has the option of generating everything randomly.  Everything from the available story lines, quests, monsters, magic items and so forth can be generated on the fly. These results in a world that rarely pull punches on our desperate, untried heroes.  A Gm could certainly  use the game system in a more traditionally  set up world, with a more  traditionally balanced story design , for the purpose of these pod casts, were not going to.

Why would anyone want to play a character like that, in a place like that? Surprisingly if the character survives long enough to start going up levels and prospering, players tend to grow attached to them. It’s a system not unlike the Dungeon Crawl Classic’s character funnel.  
I think of it as “admiration through attrition.”

OR watch embedded, Whatever your  preference.

These Podcast are a work in progress, I think as we tweak things like Mic distances, set up , and editing, they will only get better.

As always, thank you for reading

Comments welcome bellow!