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Monday, June 9, 2014

State of my home brew RPG State and finishing Touches, What project is next?

Finishing touches:
Feeling admittedly a bit maudlin today , hang with me.

I’m planning on slowly reading though the main document of our game AAIE  (Amazing Adventurers and Exciting Exploits,) starting today.

I’m going to go though slowly and look for mistakes, and omissions, and rework anything I think is grossly unclear.

I would not use the term “edit” though the game sorely needs an editor, as anyone who has followed this blog can attest I am no writer.  I’m simply not willing or able to put up the cash a real editor woudl require.  

Once this final step of the project is finished I’ll be releasing it into the wild.

I would love to use this blog a as hub where people share their experiences with the game, actual plays ideas, funny characters that got spit out and them killed, and all that good sauce. I do know however that the idea that even a minor community of players based off this game is a is a real stretch.

That leaves me with the question what’s next?

I have some more AAIE stuff in the pipeline whether or not the game gets played by anyone out there in inter-web land I may or may not keep going on it. I just missed the  sign up to run AAIE at Dexcon, which is a shame, there's just no way I'm going to have the time or money to do it on July 4th weekend, a con table will have to wait until Metatopia I guess. 
(Though I do have to thank Neal for hooking me up with the information and  being super supportive about getting AAIE some Con-love'n, he has been a great help, his con knowledge is vast and helpful.)
  • I have been working on an extension to AAIE called “The town” Which the players are digging right now. The town allows the players to use their loot to slowly build up a "home base" town building by building. Each building being upgrade-able and each opening up new character, weapon and skill options that is not included in the main document. 
  • I have a larva of a random dungeon generator already typed up. It’s far from usable, but it’s there and the players seem to want me to keep going with it, so that they can use it as a tool when they run games.
  • Then there are monsters, a more detailed approach to random monsters with examples would be useful, and the guys have shown some interest in it. The result would be the “AAIE Monstrous Codex.” While this is the least important thing to work on, it honestly sounds like it will be the most fun out of the three. The content woudl be along the lines of my two "ecology of" Posts. (perhaps not as silly? Also thank you to everyone who read those posts, both of you are awesome!)

When a designer is chugging away on stuff for an expected zero gain, the fun projects tend to win out.

After I do some of that, or none of that? 
What would be next?
Who knows?
It's not like we don't have enough games to play or work on.....

We had some new ideas, like “Nova 74” a funktastic ride through the wastelands with a honey on one arm, a suicide knob in the other and a .50Cal on the hood. (think car wars with sunglasses, bro-staches, afro’s, bass lines, and mullets.)

And there are always project I have started and never really finished. 

I could....
Go back to fiddling with "Phase Ball?"

Go back to working on “Phase abandon?”

Go back to the massive, seething, beast know as  “The Block Game?”

Or just you know, take a break for a while and play whatever gets put in front of me.

Questions comments ect ... below.
Thank you for reading.