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Friday, June 27, 2014

V-Pod cast part 2 (Into the woods, unwanted discoveries)

Welcome to Part two of our AAIE V-Log actual play series.
Character gen is done and now the characters are out in the wilds.

We have 
A halfling wizard Dean Played by Chris p
Rolo Baggins the  Halfling priest of Thodin. Played by Neal T.
Gruff The Dwarf Priest Known as the silent hand of the church , dues to his stealth abilities. 
Gruff is Played by Jay M.

These are the characters created in episode Character gen, so if you partook in that V-pod cast now you can hear them in action.
If you didn't and are wondering how these characters came to be check it out here:

This Second episode is more of  a straight forward actual play with four guys just sitting around playing the game. I have included some  rules explanations as the  game goes along but not to many. Admittedly this was a very straight forward game, We tried t keep things pretty basic for this production, but all in all I think it shows the game mechanics in a decent light. 

If you prefer your funk embedded I have that for ya right here.

Thank you very very much for watching  please feel free to drop comments in the comments bin bellow.