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Friday, July 25, 2014

A very Quick post with a great link.

Ever see something you wish you had thought of?
A simple idea that's just great?

For me Pulp Covers Blog is one of those ideas.

It's just covers of pulp adventure books, without much editorializing, just  great images.
I wish I had thought of it
I love it.
IT's  Here

Also Thank you to every one who said nice things abut the  map I uploaded yesterday. I'll upload a few more ASAP.

Thanks for reading this  quickly
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(for kicks)
Reaction Check of ad&d 5th
Roll 1d6 add or subtract charisma bonus.

9. The person falls madly in love with you
8. you have a new BFF or it may just be lust.
7. You impress the person, and they like you very much.
6. A friendly goodhearted reaction.
5. You're "all-iet"
4. Give or take your company
3. They will do business with you, but that's it.
2. They  will act like they like you but when you leave they are going to talk shit about you. and charge you more just because you are you.
1. A cold disinterested reaction, they would rather you leave sooner
0. They wont do business with you.
-1.They want you to leave NOW.
-2. They will have an aggressively negative reaction to your presence, call the  authorities, shove you out the  door, run away shouting curse ... and so on.
-3 They stab / punch you in the face.