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Friday, July 4, 2014

New stuff everywhere!

For those of you reading who are American, Happy Fourth of July.

The newest episode of my actual play V-log is up for your listening pleasure.
Its called "Exploring the Furnace Ape Crypt" and can be found 
over HERE  on you tube.

This episode picks up where the gang left off last week in episode 2, and continues deeper into the cave they fell into.
And if you like your Furnace Apes Embedded you can listen here:

My hopes with these V logs is that some folks will check them out and get interested in or curious about "Amazing Adventurers and Exciting Exploits." To be honest that hasn't seemed to happen yet, but that's alright. The V-Logs were fun to make, and just sharing  the guys and myself sitting around the table have a game is worth it to me. 
There will be one more next week which will conclude the Fire ape Crypt series, then we'll move on to other things.


As any one who is any one who knows anyone who games knows the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons "Basic PDF" dropped yesterday. 
Our group was set to give it a spin last night but bad weather here in the Northeast put the  brakes on that and we're going to try again Sunday.
As I have stated before I'm not going to  write about 5th ed on this blog, but I would be remiss if I did not say a few quick things.

As pointed out by others in the  "Additional Consultation by" section it was pretty awesome to see both
Who I don't always agree with when I read him, but whatever.
Who's Blog I read every time it updates and love the shit out of, again whatever.

I think this is cool just because in my feeble mind these guys are bloggers like me. All be it better at it, with much larger followings (read that as they have followings, me not so much.) Still the same cookies even if it is a different box.
It's oddly validating, and I'm really happy for them to get a credit in such a huge release.
Big ups guys

I would never need anything more than whats in that PDF to play the game, from now until forever. I am not saying I'm excited about the game it's self or juries still out on that, I have not played it yet. 
What I am saying is the FREE PDF gives me enough info to run the game anything I would need in the future I could home brew, monsters spells, ect, the frame is there to do what ever with. In fact I'm hoping they don't Muck up what they have in that PDF with what ever they cram into the PHB.

Alright folks have a great 4th , don't get stupid and blow your digits off with cheap fireworks, be safe.
thank you for reading.

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