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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our trial run of AD&D 5th ed.

This is the  most under-produced Video you will ever see. It's really just a pod cast of use playing 5th ed for the first time.
II reserve my opinions on the game. There are hundreds of bloggers who are going to be more complete and concise about that than I  can be.
I have also said in the past I'm not doing big 5th ed pieces on this blog because  it's not a "D&D blog" it's a "Shit I made in my  brain parts Page"

I can however say we have given the Basic PDF an honest shot.

So listen to this on your ride to work.
It's 2 hours and 7 minutes long so ... I don't know background noise wile you paint the bathroom?
That screen is not going to change so don't bother staring at it.

I Think it bears repeating , this  video was made for speed of delivery not so much for  aesthetic impact. I wanted to have it up by Sunday but  we did not play on Friday as planned etc..etc..We played on Sunday and here it is.

However you do get to marvel at my in depth preparation, my  dope ass mapping skills ($killz?), and  my so cool  "It came from the North," hand writing.

Thank you for reading thank you for watching  thank you in general .
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