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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pod cast part 4 Finale "Battle of the Furnace Ape."

So we have arrived at the final episode of the  4 part AAIE pod cast.
I think the four casts they give a pretty good feel for AAIE and  how it flows, even if you just listen to parts and pieces there is allot to be learned about the game from these clips.

Here is episode 4: Battle of the Furnace Ape
The  party has journeyed into a mysterious crypt and  ind that they are being watched by an intimidating  monster called "the Furnace Ape."

Here it is embedded if that's how you like to roll.

Past episodes:
Episode 1: Character Gen :
Episode 2:  Into the Woods:
Episode 3: Into the crypt:

Check out this post for a more info and the stats from "The Furnace Ape"

Keep an eye out on the  blog, Amazing Adventures and Exciting Exploits (the game featured in these pod-casts) is going be a free PDF download very soon!

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