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Monday, July 7, 2014

Something big, Sort of, this way comes. (and a monster)

Sort of  a big deal:

Over this long weekend I created what I called Amazing Adventures and Exciting Exploits “Final” PDF. Which is the first time I have used the term Final concerning this project. As any of you  who work on  "Do it your self"  game design already know "Final" is a tricky concept. I spent the  weekend tightening up the index and  adding  bits and pieces here and there, finding things to clarify and tweak. It's about 95 pages as is, It will likely bloat to 100 when I add in a few more play examples and that sort of thing

 I have to be honest from the art, to the writing,  to the lay out, it's all incredibly unprofessional I have no allusions otherwise, but  it is playable and fun so at least I have that on my side.
So we come to this, next after another week or so of tweaking and  reading and letting  my friends pour over the damn thing I plan on offering up the PDF to any takers.

My question to you fine folks is whats the  best easiest way to distribute to you fine folks?

A monster just for fun:

So that your not all bored to tears by that announcement  here is a monster I used in my last AAIE game, Just so you can get a bit of a taste.

This is the monster that will be featured in the crescendo of the V-log series "Crypt of the Furnace Ape" 

In case any one wants to check that out, here are the links.
Part 1 "Character Gen"

Furnace Ape:
  • Level 3
  • Resolve Pool 3d10
  • Armour score 13
  • Attacks: Meaty Fists
    • 1 or 2 per round 
    • 3D6 damage  (spit between 2 attacks or all in one.)
  • Special attack: Poison Spray
    • 3 x a day
    • fan shape in front of the furnace ape
    • 3d6 damage (Roll a resolve check with a difficulty of 13 to half damage.
    • critical success: bites 1 target for 6d6 necrotic venom damage
  • Description:
  • These beasts are often summoned by greater flame demons who use them to guard hidden summoning / sacrificial braziers.The furnace ape is a minor demon that takes the form of a broad shouldered simian who stands roughly  6 feet tall, and nearly five feet from shoulder to shoulder. The fur on these creatures wavers and moves by it's own accord resembling low flickering flames. The coloration of the beasts changes from Molted red, yellow and white patches to a dark nearly black blood red depending on how far they stray from the fires they have been charged to tend. 
  • Furnace Apes have two very notable fangs that hand down from their upper jaw. These are not extended canines but rather true fangs that are hollow and  are used to  propel a fan like Myst of necrotic venom. The Venom if allowed into an open wound can cause rapid flesh rotting, scarring and  a painful death. Fire apes have two central eyes and if examined closely four other smaller eyes around their heads that give them a limited 360 degree vision, (they can see 360 degrees but can only discern depth and color to the front.)
  • While they look like apes they are not, for example they do not climb well, can't swim, and are not particularly dexterous.
  • When  away form their fires their fur darkens and this darker coloring helps them maintain cover in wooded or cave like environments, allowing them to hide in shadows at -3 difficulty. The Furnace ape tends the coals in a single braziers often sneaking out at night to nearby towns to steal coal and other combustibles. They take from sheds and unknowing businesses, to avoid notice they never take much and never from the same location twice in a row. A furnace ape caught in the act of staling will drop what ever it has taken and flee, often leading to  rumors of  forest ape men or wild men. 
  • Furnace Apes will fight to the death to protect their fires, often retreating to draw opponents away from their braziers and using other simple tricks to gain an upper hand.
13 Rumors about Furnace Apes:
  1. It has been written that, Disturbing the coals of a Furnace Ape Brazier may bring the wrath of the greater demon who put it there, this wrath often takes the form of incredibly bad luck in the future.
  2. They say a cloak made form the pelt of a Furnace Ape will grant the  wearer warmth in the coldest to climates.
  3. IT has been said, Killing the  Demon  who summoned a furnace ape will give you control of the furnace ape.
  4. Old stories say, The  poison glands of a furnace ape can be used to make A bladder of flesh eating. Fill it with water and any meat placed in the bladder will be dissolved in the course of a day, bone will not. An Interesting but some what useless ting to have around.
  5. I was once told Dark Elves hunt furnace apes for their venom, they will latter use it on their swords and crossbow bolts.
  6. It was once written that the minor eyes of the a spider ape once removed can be used to see through each other, by looking into once central eye. The  image is  grey and  blurry and the  eyes only remain fresh enough for a day , but the effect can be useful.
  7. I have been told the fangs of a Furnace Ape are sought after by by alchemists and apothecaries.
  8. I have heard that if the coals a furnace ape is guarding  are extinguished they have one day to rekindle them or their patron demon  recalls the furnace ape and destroys it via death by  hot chains.
  9. I was once told that Furnace Ape venom much watered down is an amazing anesthetic, and  also incredibly addictive.
  10. It is written that Furnace Ape's are actually cowardly and  will  run from  opponents as long as their fires are not threatened, they are only motivated by  fear for their patron.
  11. It is said the teeth of a furnace ape are made  the finest ebony scorched by a steady diet of coals.
  12. There was an old hermit who would tell the tale of Furnace Ape's living deep underground as a society at peace , long before they were claimed by the  Fire demons as slaves. To this day they dream of freedom.
  13. You can tell when they're around because they give off a musky scent a bit like day old sauteed onions.

Thank you for  reading and as always the furnace ape will accept comments in his lair below.

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