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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hill Dugger Inn

The Hill Dugger or the  Old Dugger as its sometimes known is located on the old trade road about two days walk outside of Dairhouse proper and west of the small town of Cliffmedow.

The Dugger is built into the side of a hill, much in the way that Halflings prefer to dwell it was however built by man and is to their larger size. Its small blue door is easy to  pass buy on a  summer day while traveling the trade road, the Dugger hangs no sign, only the smell of cooking  invite in the weary.

No one remembers who originally created the Dugger in or if it was always an in at all. The current owner Brewer Thomas inherited it from his grandfather who in an unsubstantiated story was said to have won the  inn during a game of dice.

The fair at the Dugger is hardy peasant food such as Bulgar, barbacoa of goat, root vegetables roasted over coals, and mutton are all common dishes. Thomas's Haggis is known locally as being particularly good.
As a brewer Thomas is known as a experimenter who will use honey from his own bees and  local herbs to make fine mead, he also purchases hops from the north to make excellent bitters that are unlike the ales houses of Dairhouse. one benefit of being on the trade road is the opportunity to  cherry pick ingredients from the  caravans that pass by.  The old Dugger has a strong local following based on ale alone, a fine way to end a hot day.

So  while the Dugger is fine in it's way why would adventures be interested in it beside a good mead? Up until last summer they would not have but when Thomas began digging out a foundation for  a new boiling kettle, he found a skeleton resting four feet below the surface. A gigantic skeleton.

As he continued to excavate the massive bones, the scope of the  creature he had found  soon became apparent, and naturally Thomas started thinking of ways to profit form the  find. For a year now he has been  letting  passersby by see the skeleton for a gold crown, and  has sold some of the smaller shards of bone to various hedge-wizards claiming they can weave great magics with giant bones.
Unknown to most Thomas also found a four by four engraved stone, with mysterious runes on one side and a rough map on the other.

Thomas has hidden the stone, and only shown a charcoal rubbing  to a few close acquaintances, but yet word has spread. The map seems to point in the area of  the marsh to the east, but shows a very different landscape then what presently exists. Word is out that Thomas might be willing to sell the stone just to get it off his hands and plans on reburying the giant with a proper headstone fearing he may have gone to far already and risks being cursed.

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