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Thursday, July 10, 2014

We were all set to play last night and then....

A conversation broke out.

Here is why I don't always approach the gaming experience or what it takes to run or play a game exactly like other people do.
Sometimes it is not about the game.

Last night,

  • We talked about  food, allot. including this:
  • Pulled pork with slaw and  home made pretzel  buns that I made for Quariz and Mike a weekend ago.
  • Then we talked about Billy Bob's Barbecue in Pogheepsie New York, Which for my money is the best BBQ joint in the area. (I know,  anyone  who lives in the south would know better.)
  • We talked about a hole in the wall main street place where Jay gets Dope Cheese burgers for lunch.
  • We talked about playing basketball this summer.
  • We talked about Rusty's, Jay's and my work.
  • We talked about how  an RPG love fest through G+ into convulsions and landed us in many peoples circles (I think that's AWESOME by the way.)
  • We talked about the Zoo in Millbrook.
  • WE talked about Shards of Thimbral My last doomed "serious" Rpg Project.
  • We talked at length about Dungeon World.. Ok honestly I went off on how much I love some of it.
  • We talked about how Great Chris P played D&D 5th the other night.
  • We talked about the  State of the AAIE PDf. Jay gave some thoughts on positioning the  Critical hit tables so the GM can navigate to them more quickly .. Point taken, it shall be done.
  • We talked about all the random generators on the net and how awesome they are.
  • We talked about  a bunch of other random  shit.
  • We talked about how close 5th ed's "roll 2d20 pick the higher or lower depending on your advantage / disadvantage." Die mechanic is pretty close to something we do in the Block game and AAIE
Pics of the block game

We should play "The block game" again.
These little bastards miss  us.

Long story  short, we shot the shit for three hours, we never played.
This is one of the things I love about  R.P.G.'s and Table top gaming. It keeps me in touch with my friends.
In allot of ways without the touch stone of games, finding reasons to just jump on the computer and shoot the shit would not be as easy as it is. That excuse to be with others as we get older and as our lives have gone through all the complexities and changes of adulthood is the greatest debt I owe to this hobby, it's why I play, it's why I write and share games. 

AS always Thank you for reading 
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