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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A one click character generator to make playing AAIE even more random-er

This goes out with Many Thanks to Neal T. who had the  crazy idea a few months ago to  convert the random character gen from my Amazing Adventurers and Incredible Exploits game and turn it into a one button player character generator.

It was a game changer in allot of ways. Now if a character dies a player could be back up and ready to roll on a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

He hung with the idea through all of my changes(and having one of his characters head crushed by a falling  block trap) and  waffling over certain points. I give him allot of credit, I constantly change stuff.
As he steels himself  for Gen Con he as taken the  time to  graciously ported his work to my site and  could not be happier.

Again Big Thanks to Neal for all the work

Find the generator: Here (Tip: use the "character sheet option")
The game AAIE can be down loaded in PDF form (for free) HERE
Find it all at The Home of Dust Pan Games

Thank you for reading,
Go click that button a few times.