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Sunday, August 10, 2014

An alternative chart of D100 Mutations.

A quick Sunday post.
Because I mentioned it on a G+ post, here is the Mutation Chart from my game AAIE.

All the effect and stats are written for a different game, an intrepid GM will be able to figure how to make it work regardless.
In my game the chart is sometimes used in character gen and when the characters go overboard casting spells.
The rest of AAIE can be found here: Dust Pan Games

Thanks for reading!
use as you wish, just lt me know because I would love to hear about it.

Chart 8 Mutations

Roll d100 once for each mutation.
Roll Mutation Details
1 Tail 1 You have a long non-prehensile tail. You can use it to balance, but not much else, you tend to freak others out, because you look like a demon ..except Furries, those guys think you're the bomb.
2 Extra eye A functional eye has popped out of your 1.hand 2.back 3.forehead 4.elbow 5.Tongue 6.knee 7.shoulder 8.cheek 9.Adams apple / neck 10.shoulder
Aren’t you lucky
3 Shell You have growing hard shell over at least part of your body +3 armor score -1 athleticism.
4 Mucus You body covered in a thin coat of sticky mucus. Things stick to you, like a wacky wall walker.
5 Spines You have 1d100 random spines growing from your body, they help you wrestle your enemies and impede you doing every thing else.
6 Odor You smell strongly of 1.mustard 2.ammonia 3.garlic 4.death 5.fresh air 6.moist earth
7 Skin Color Your skin is 4.coal black 5.snow white
8 Extra arm You have grown another appendage your focus pool is cut in half, but you can wield another light weapon and make 2 attacks per round.
9 Feathers You have grown a coat of feathers, you do not get cold in bad weather, water runs off your back. 1.eagle 2.hawk 4.partridge 5.owl 6.chicken
10 Boils You have broken out in massive boils they heal then come back leaving small scars all over you body. Your attractiveness is now a 1
11 Heat You give off heat, quite a bit, enough that any one with in 2 feat of you can feel it.
12 Tentacles You have sprouted 1d4 tentacles from your (roll for each) 1.shoulder 2.Back 3.Chest 4.hand you may make an attack with each one each turn for 1d4 damage. You freak others out, they have suckers and move a lot.
13 The stranger You have sprouted a limp useless arm from your 1.Chest 2.Back 3.shoulder 4.hip This arm is utterly useless and generally gets in the way and /or freaks people out. You can wear one extra magic ring on it, so there's that.
14 Crab claw One of your hands is a crab claw, it can attack for 1d6 Damage using Brawn. It also gives you +4 difficulty to all reaction checks.
15 Hairy Beast Your body is covered in a coat of thick wiry hair, you could be mistake for a Wolfhound. +4 difficulty to all reaction checks the fur is 3.white 4.spotted (roll twice, ignore 4) 5.brown 6.calico
16 What up Goat Your feat have reformed into cloven hooves. You look a bit demonic, +6 difficulty to all reaction checks. You also grow a beard, a goat beard.
17 Plant like You are now part plant, after one day in darkness every hour you are with out sun light you loose 1d6 resolve. Every hour you are in sunlight you regenerate 1d4 resolve.
24 Duck bill You grow an obvious duck bill, if you are into old school RPG's fan this does not bother you one bit. Other wise you are set up for being ridiculed in every inn you travel to.
19 Digits You grow 1d6 extra fingers, no modifiers but your piano skills go from good to amazing.
20 Jelly Patches of your skin turn to jelly, then heal, this happens daily and makes you very hard to look at. Attractiveness -1d6
21 Daily growth Each day the character grows 1d4 feet taller then reverts to normal size at the end of the day
22 Fused Any thin the character is carrying when they receive this mutation is fused to their body in a mess of melted and reformed flesh.
23 Sudden age The character ages to 60 +2d20 years.
Subtract d6 resolve, brawn, and agility.
24 Supra brain The characters cranium inflates like a giant veined mushroom, the gain 1d6 academics reduce brawn by 1d4
25 Peck Zillia The characters muscular development explodes out of control giving them 1d6 bonus brawn but -1d4 athleticism.
26 Lumpy The character develops foot ball sized lumps all over their body.
27 Brillo The characters hair all turns to thin metal wires.
28 Wooden bones The character now floats, small twigs and leaves pierce the character’s flesh in spots where the bones are close to the surface.
29 Mental block May not use 1 swords 2.bows 3.hammers's
30 Droop The character's left side droops horribly as if it was made of melted wax.
31 Proboscus The character grows a 1d4 foot long prehensile trunk
32 Evil touch This character's touch spoils 2.alcohol 3.holly water 4.healing potions
33 aura This characters aura repels 1. wild life 2. domestic animals 3. humans 4.elfs 5.dwarfs 6.plants within 1d4 feet.
34 Etching This character may etch stone with his or her index finger.
35 Porcine This character takes on the appearance of a human sized pig or boar. This mutation has no other effect on the characters stats.
36 language This character suddenly knows, 1.dwarven 2.elfish, 3.draconic 4.goblinoid 5.demonic 6. angelic
language. The character can speak it but not understand it.
37 Wild magic aura An time this character has a spell cast with in 1d4 feet of him or her self, roll 1d6 if the roll is 4 or lower one key word in the spell will be randomly changed to 3. syrup 4. wind 5.death 6.healing
38 Sunken This character looses a great deal of weight and takes on the appearance of a cadaver.
39 dirt Mysteriously dirt constantly falls out of this characters shirt cuffs, pant cuts, pockets and armor joints.
40 Internal twin A twin chews it's way out of the characters body in some exposed part, Just its face part of it's head and one had is visible, The twin has a class of it's own and is played by the gm.
41 homunculus The character gains a 2.rhino 3.lion 5.bird 6.goat 7.sheep 8.snake head.
42 Solar sensitive In the sunlight this characters skin turns 4.spotted then returns to normal when in the dark.
43 skunk When threatened, dropped below 5 resolve this character sprays a horridly smelly cloud of musk from two anal glands.
44 Voice over Every time this character speaks others also hear 1. angelic music 2.laughter 3.weeping 4.screams 5.discordant music 6.animal noises in the back ground.
45 Bark skin This characters skin takes on the appearance of tree bark,and complete with moss
46 Lobster claw One of this character's hands becomes a claw like appendage
47 Bat nose This character has a nose that looks like a bats, they also gain limited sonar that eliminates any penalties for operating in the dark, but they take double damage from sonic attacks
48 Rubber face This characters skin can be pulled stretched and molded into dropping , swirling and folded shapes -4 to attractiveness
49 insatiable The character is always ravenously hungry, and will eat all the time. Eventually becoming obese
50 Ear wax The character produces a great deal of ear wax up to 1d4 pints a day. It makes the deaf, and literally leaks out of their ears.
Roll Mutation Details
51 Spider legs You sprout 4 long spider legs from your abdomen, they can carry the character , climb walls and hold small items, but they are not strong enough to cause damage.
52 Sword arm, The bones in one of your arms fuse together into a sword like appendage that can do 1d6 damage with a strike.
53 Thin skinned Your skin becomes thin and translucent, the character will now take double damage from any slashing attack.
54 Tail 2 You grow a long alligator tail doubling your sped in the water eliminating your chance of getting dates
55 Beardsman You suddenly grow a 1d4 foot long beard that is 1.brown 3.copper red 4.white
56 The dragon Your breath now smells of
1.garbage 2.rot 3.brimstone 4.roses 5.sewage 5.lavender
You may use this like a breath effect in combat stunning targets on a MD20 of 15 or higher.
57 Really long fingers Your fingers grow 1d6 inches. It looks creepy and all weapon based attacks are +2 ore difficulty
58 Acne You develop horrible acne, painful and disfiguring.
Your attractiveness drops by 1d6

59 Insect reproduction The character grows 1 egg sack on his back per week, the the egg sack will hatch painfully any time all three dice rolled are under 5, releasing a “man fly” a flying level 1 larval semi-humanoid that bites.
60 Weakness The character is now weak to 1.iron 3.silver 4.stone 5.wood 6.Sunlight.
Exposure to this substance will cause them great pain and cause 1d6 damage per turn.
61 Gills Strange gills rip open in the characters neck, and will allow the character to breath underwater. The character will have normal athleticism under water but their athleticism on land drops by 1d6 the character must keep the gills damp
62 Melter You simply can not hold onto body fat, it melts off your character, literally, you sweat fat.
63 Compound eyes You have giant compound bug eyes. You can see thousands of images of what every one else can see clearly. +2 difficulty on all attack rolls.
64 Giraffe neck you can use you flexible 1d6 foot neck to look around corners.
65 Your sweat Is now 1D6 1.squid ink 3.maple syrup 4.acidic 5.oil 6.extremely smelly
66 Limited psionics You gain the ability to mentally communicate with 1d8 1.dogs 2.chickens 3.snakes 4.ants 5.turtles 6. song birds 8.squirrels
67 Gollemic The characters skin is replaced with chunks of stone they may no longer wear clothing , their armor score is 9. they gain 1 might and loose 1d6 attractiveness, they may clobber.
68 Second Brain The character grows a small external brain on their back. If they are killed by a head destroying critical, they may continue to exist as a zombie like blind and very disturbing shell of themselves. This husk would be the equivalent of a porter retainer.
69 Squid like The characters legs painfully split into 10 four foot long tentacles that the character may use for mobility. Each tentacle has suckers so you may now climb walls on a 9+
70 membranes The character has flying squirrel like membranes under their arms and they can glide with them.
71 Ever growing Teeth You have teeth like a beaver the character has to gnaw on wood constantly or the teeth will grow through the roof of their mouth into their brain and kill them with in 1d4 days.
72 Horse fiend Horses go nuts when the character is around, and whinny whenever the character's name is mentioned.
73 Angelic This character looks like an angel, porcelain skin, big white non functioning downy soft wings, and glowing golden eyes.
74 Demonic This character looks like a demon, Dark Red skin small horns, cloven hoofs, pointed teeth.
75 Roving eyes The charter may painfully remove his eyes and still see through them.
76 Cold blooded The character is cold blooded ad suffers a +5 difficulty to all actions until they bask for at least 1 hour near a fire or in the sun. They are invisible to infra vision.
77 Floppy Jowls The character develops huge floppy bull dog jowls.
78 Tusks The character grows 1d4 foot long tusks. The can be usesd as weapons as determined by the GM.
79 Smoke Every time the character exhales they breath out a smoky cloud
80 Locked spine, the character is hunched over and their spin is locked that way.
81 lippless Your lips fall off, no more saying b's. Your former lips remain  animated and  motion when you talk, any person observing them has a chance of reading your lips. This happens no matter how distant they are form you.
82 Vocal cords are rearranged Your voice is now subsonic low, 3-4 extremely high or 5-6 multi tonal
83 Fangs You grow obvious fangs that are 1-2. harmless 3-4 bite causes 1d4 damage 4-6 bite is venomous causing 1d4 damage for 1d4 rounds.
84 Cracked flesh Your skin is covered with deep cracks lowering your attractiveness by 3.
85 Huge You have grown huge 8 foot tall and much heavier. Your characters brawn goes up by 3 your athleticism drops to 1.
Armor score drops by 2 because you are that much more of target.
Armour will cost twice as much to buy.
86 Small wings Your character grows four small wings two on each shoulder. The wings are 1-3 bird ike 4-6 bat like. IF you flap like hell when falling you can avoid 1d6 damage.
87 Glass bones You bones have become brittle, you will now take double damage from blunt attacks, however an upside is you float.
88 Glow Your sign glows brightly giving off as much light as a lantern , if you open your mouth a beam of light extends 30 feat into the darkness like a flash light, you can no loner hide in shadows.
89 Dorsal fin You have grown a large dorsal fin much like that of the sharktapuss, you gain +2 athleticism while in the water.
90 Red skin You skin has become bright shimmering red
91 Albino You have lost all skin coloration
92 Closed system You no longer eat or excrete.
93 Spider eyes You have 6 small dark eyes a crossed your face rather than two normal ones. GM may give bonuses or penalties.
94 You are very dry You take double damage from flames, you absorb moisture at an astounding rate, you constantly flake a thin  cloud of dander.
95 Double jointed Your 1-3 elbows or 4-6 knees are double jointed and can hinge in both directions
96 scales Your skin is made of 1.gray 3. red 4. white 6.multicolored shimmering scales
97 Super hard finger nails You can scrape wood and soft metal with your nails, they add 1d4 to your hand to hand combat a attacks
98 Two faces, Two faces, You have grown a face on the side of your face, you can speak with two voices.
99 Glue Skin Your skin constantly secretes a sticky glue that dries in five minutes, you can climb with -4 difficulty
100 Pudding The character is a boneless pudding. Can go under most doors, through bars takes 1/2 damage from blunt weapons.
Armor score is 8

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