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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For the record (RPG questions)

This is this

From Here:

I'm not going to follow the rules and do one a day I will forget to do it like nine days in a row then never go back to it.

For the record:
  • First game I ever GM-ed: D&D Red box.
  • First Gm'd: basic D&D
  • First Purchased RPG: Red Box D&D
  • Most recent RPG purchase: D&D 5th edition PHB pre-order.My most recent Bird in hand  purchase, "Lords of Gossamer and Shadow."
  • First game I ever played: Dr. Who RPG? Or Star Trek? Something from FASA that Mike ran.(Unless you count Aerotech or star fleet battles?)
  • Most Olds school Game? I  still have my  basic rules cyclopedia , up until recently I had Paranoia second ed, some old splat books.
  • Favorite RPG I never got to play: Amber
  • Most intellectual rpg owned: Microscope? I'm not sure how to take the question honestly.
  • Favorite character: Of Mine? Muhadin, A large ex-slave desert nomad brawler, hands down.
  • Favorite die / dice set: I have a blue and red speckled D20 from the Torg boxed set that I think is cool.
  • Favorite game fiction: Not much for game fiction so I plead ignorance.
  • Weirdest RPG owned: HoL?
  • Old RPG you still play / read: Ad&d I have allot of stuff so I'm always going back to it.
  • Most memorable character death: My Psionisist Minril Grans got turned to stone by a retriever.
  • Best convention purchase: None
  • Favorite convention game: None, I'm not a con guy
  • Game you wish you owned: I would love to have My old Palladium Robotech books again.
  • Funniest game you've played: AAIE is good for laughs at the table, also Paranoia.
  • Favorite game system: Mayfair Exponential system (DC hero's)
  • Favorite Published adventure: I don't use many modules, But I love what I have heard about Deep Carbon Observatory, and I love what I remember From Castle Greyhawk (the comedy one.)
  • RPG I will still play 20 years from now. Our home brew game Phase abandon and Ad&D 2nd ed.
  • Favorite Licensed RPG:  DC heroes 3rd ed. also Amber
  • Best second hand RPG purchase: I think my copy of Mekton-Zeta was second hand.
  • Coolest looking RPG book: Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Most complicated RPG: Champions. (some old edition, I think it's second)
  • Favorite RPG no one else wants to play: Mekton Zeata
  • Coolest character sheet? Note book paper.
  • Game I woudl like to see a new edition of? Mech-warrior.
  • Scariest game I've played: I have never played a horror rpg.
  • Most memorable encounter. Fighting a stone guardian with  my Dwarf Helmar, 1 HP Fuck that let me at him.
  • Rarest RPG owned? I have no idea Hell For leather perhaps?
  • Favorite RPG of all time, The next one I write. likely basic D&D Redbox and cyclopedia

    I might legit blog some of these but at least now the truth is out there.