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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On 5th edition Feats

This is a very short post on the  subject of feats in D&D 5th edition.

  • What I like. 
    • We NEVER have to use them.
    • There are only a hand full of them.
  • What I don't like
    • I read them  there's noting special going on there. I might do a breakdown of them sometime, but as a player they don't really grab me. 
Any way when My fighter hit level four, I  added two attribute points to Constitution to get me to a score of  twenty which makes my character feel like a total bad ass. *

My thought is this could all of those feats be rolled in as options as part of the  various Class "kits?" such as fighter martial types? 

The whole 5th ed "feat" dynamic just feels very tacked on to me.
I might just need to read the PHB more closely.

Any thoughts?

* I rolled 4d6 drop the lowest in order, which  resulted in a better character than I usually get. My scores as rolled ranged from 11 at the lowest to 17 at the best. Also being human give me a +1 to every thing which I also feel is  kind of Hackneyed.

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