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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Taking Steps to Bust out the Fun. (Free game for one off sessions)

Taking steps:
First off I'm giving you a game.
Yes you. 

Find it here: Dust Pan Games

In the next few days I will be working on a Google site where you will be able to download the stuff I work on for free.

As a bonus all those weird posts I have made about  Amazing Adventurers and Incredible Exploits, will suddenly make a bit more sense.

Admittedly the Google site wont  look like much at first, but in time I plan on adding more content, and  more free stuff from my brain parts.

I also plan on running some open to any one small group G+Hangout games in the near future. Though I have things planned this month that will keep me off the computer for a few days. It will happen.

So why free?
First off  that's what it's worth. I'm not a great writer, or artist, and I can't lay out a PDF to save my life *.
If I was going to charge you a dime for my work, I would have to send it away for a professional editor, and layout artist at the very least. I only put my time into this stuff, not my money I'm not going to ask anything more than that from you.

Secondly I am very dedicated to the idea that as a community it's beneficial even necessary to share sometimes. AAIE written with the spirit of a do it your self game, a digital throw back to the days when early  RPG pamphlets got covertly run off on mimeographs stashed in high school basements.

Would I like to make money off this sort of thing? Have my blog or my PDF buy me a cup of coffee once a week? Sure I would.

However, at this point I feel even that would be a bit dishonest on my part. If this goes well and if I decide to tackle another project and really go all in buying art, editors, and the like my tune might change. For now I just want folks to  download the game, kick it around, make crazy adventures with it, and  come back here to tell me all about it.

That is my only Payment request. Tell me what happens in your games!

Thank you for reading!
Enjoy the game.
Please leave your comments and questions in the alms basket below.

*If you download the PDF (first thank you) Then come back here to tell me that it desperately needs editing and lay out work, I will refer you back to this post. I already know.

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