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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A 100% non RPG post, almost.

No RPG stuff ...

This is a sarcastic post about sarcasm, a thing I am becoming less and less a fan of.

This has a point skip to the bottom if you like.

I was in a cafe about a month ago, admittedly it was a vegetarian cafe that hosts an acoustic open mike night so I was setting myself up in allot of ways. The place also happens to have a good beer selection and killer burritos.
A very  trendy and I'm sure quite nice couple are sitting near to us. I'm not jugging, I'm just not trendy so the concept skinny pants is completely lost on me, as is the desire to drink Pabst Blue ribbon even though the last ribbon it won was in 1893. (Even that's debatable.)

Enough Digressing  while eating my Burrito I hear this:
(please read this with a kind of drawn out  disinterested tone)
Guy: "My friend and I went to this  really ironic Mad Men Party the other day where every one brought something made form a 1950's cook book."
Girl: "That sounds ... kind of awful."
(The Girl takes a pause to takes a picture of the table I'm not sure why it was never mentioned.)
Guy: "It was. we dropped off our jello desert and  left."

So many questions!

  • How is this party Ironic, I mean was the party actually a chore? By design? If so why was it thrown in the first place..
  • Were recipes sent to every one ? That's kind of a great idea unless one poor sob got  Julia Childs beff Bourguignon recipe and  spent the whole day spooning foam and fat off the damn thing. 
  • What was that picture about ! killing me !
  • You made a jello desert? With a mold? You have that skill set and this party was not something you were totally into?
  • Mad Men? seems random... Who dressed up as Christina Hendric?

This conversation between two  I have to assume relatively successful 20 somethings proves to me that the world needs more Metal.

That and less Sarcasm.

There is a point after all. I honestly don't care about that guys party or his opinion of it. I just overheard a conversation, and it stuck in my mind as odd, so I used it here.
It's so simple to write a negative, sarcastic, and shity post about people who I  honestly know nothing about.
It's too simple.
The internet is full of negative sarcasm like what I posted above, it's not creative, it's not productive and in fact it can be harmful if directed at someone.
I'm guilty of it myself because sometimes no often times the snarky comment is easier to come up with than the actual answer.
We as an internet society should try harder.

How does this relate to RPG's considering that's what this blog is about?
It doesn't really, but what it does mean is if some one asks me,  "Hey what do you think of the DunD 5th edition?"
I will try to give a straight answer and not just a "I'll play it until they try to sell me 6th edition," as I might have been tempted to write at times.
That kind of an answer is a sarcastic cop out and I will try to avoid that temptation moving forward. The bog will be better and I will feel better about about it. I'm not trying to change what anyone else does, I just want to be more cognizant of what I am doing and how I represent myself and  this hobby.

this thing is awesome.

I'm not being sarcastic when I say the  world needs more Metal.

Some stuff I read before posting this.
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You think Sarcasm is funny...
Psychology of Sarcasm.

Sarcasm or Irony
Sarcasm can boost creativity?
Science of sarcasm

Thanks for reading
Please throw any questions or comments into the wicker basket lined with dove feathers below.

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