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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fantasy fuel / The power of 5th edition.

Fantasy fuel:
The  ancient fortress of the  dwarfs lies deep under Flokirst-Summit. Lost to the fore fathers, half flooded, and partially collapsed, the ancient dwarf-holme stands silent. Guarding it's secrets fiercely, and  holds it's treasures in a grasp of stone. The Lurker watches all.

Drawn quickly on cheap paper with an even cheaper ball point pen, while watching the Chicago Bulls vs the Lakers in the  1991 NBA playoffs.
The Power of  D&D 5th ed:
Love it or not  here's something that I think only AD&D 5th edition could have made possible.
I was in a local art supply store this morning buying conte crayons and  a few other nick-knacks when I overheard two of the guys who work at the store talking  D&D. (I have a sort of Radar.)
How does this directly relate to the D&D 5th eedition read on a bit I get there but first there's some. "splainin to do."
First I should explain this has NEVER happened to me, except one other time when I saw a kid around twelve or fourteen making a 4th edition character in the lobby of a independent movie theater a few years ago.
This  experience was exceptional, these were adults however, and they were talking about the release schedule of the new edition books*, starting a game, buying dice, and all the shit I think about pretty constantly. 

I struck up a conversation with one of the guys and he explained he had not played for years and was going to get back into it with his coworker. (Then I gave him the address to this blog..and told him it sucks, I'm the  worst self promoter ever.) I would have talked longer and asked more questions except I was with my wife and we had things to do and  all that jazz, seriously though if I was alone I would have made a nuisance out of myself.

I think  overhearing those guys was......wait for it.....

Those guys are exactly what this hobby needs. Not only do we need to get those often talked about "new players" but the folks who walked away from the game for one reason or another should be welcomed back as well. Fifth edition seems to be drawing people back. For whatever reason it seems to hit all the  right spots to catch the eye of  people who have not played in a while.

Perhaps it is the new art which while updated is just reminiscent enough of the past enough to elicit second looks. Perhaps it's the good press the game has been getting. Heralded as a step in the right direct for  D&D because has an eye looking back at what has always worked in RPG's. I agree with that, and while I may still like 2nd-Ed better that's because I'm old not because either edition is better than the other. IN fact if 5thED can be shown to consistently get back lost players I'll call it the most successful RPG product that I have seen come down the pipe.

As I have said several in this blog, No matter if it's your cup of tea or not It's very hard to dispute a strong and popular D&D can only be good for every part of the RPG hobby.

I may never meet or talk to that gentleman from the art store again, who knows. To him and his group I say welcome back! I hope you stay around a good long time

*D&D Core books release schedule:
Monster manual September 30th
GM's Guide November 19th (My 5th ed next purchase)