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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

(SNIFF) Is that a smore on the fire?

No that is the smell of  a gooey RPG mess.

This is a straight post, a un-thought out post about what I'm doing and where my head is at.

You can go here and download an RPG for free. My issue with this game is that I don't think the joke is very clear unless I'm at the table running it. Which  means I did something wrong. Which is OK.
Also  the character creation  is 100% random, which is part of the  joke, however it takes a bit to long  if a character happens to die which  in all likelihood they will (also part of the fun).

My friend Neal was nice enough to create a one button character generator (which I honestly have to update with some skill changes.) The one button generator is super cool in that it takes less than a second to pop out characters, but it takes something away from the experience. It's a bit to tempting to keep clicking until you get a good character which runs counter to the spirit of the game. Its a conundrum I need to solve if I want to move along with the  project in any meaningful way. In a universe of RPG designers I will be the first to admit sometimes things don't come out as planed and this is one of those things.

Way back when I lied to you.
Yes you, that post was a lie.An unintentional lie but still. It was a lie because it never happened. That post was hard to write at the time, like this one sort of is now, I enjoy writing games as much as I enjoy playing them, perhaps even more so. When I said I wanted to throw myself into a final project and  run with it I meant it, but I knew it would be hard to focus on one thing, and  even harder to go at it full bore. So here I am, at the point where I should have had "Shards of Thimbral" ready for public play-testing and be lining up an editor. I am not doing any of those things. I  shit out, backed off and took my foot off the gas. I think I regret it.

So where am I now?
I have two  irons in the fire.
One is called "Nova 74"
Its an RPG game based on 1970's action and  "sploitation"  films. Focusing on crime and cops, with a helping of vigilante kung-fu the game will be about action,  making  hard choices and funk.


"Alpha Code : Scale 0"
Which is my attempt at an honest to goodness sci-fi RPG with a determined  early anime feel. Oh yes there will be mecha, stellar adventure and a focus on interweaving relationships. If the idea of Robotech meets blade runner makes any sense at all.


I'm playing Under Dark Wars Here:
So Charles Akins started this thing with all the races of the under dark, having troops and taking turns and conspiring to kill each other. All of these wicked smart and quick thinking folks jumped on board and it has begun with the  beholders (YIKES!) taking their first round turns.

I am one half of the Dueregar (evil under-dark dwarfs) Along with James Aulds and we are looking to rule the whole damn under-dark even if it means we have to fire beholder corpses from catapults made out of Drow skeletons which happen to be manned by our deep gnome slaves.
It's going to be a good time. I don't plan on winning. I will try, but lets be honest I'm not very good at subterfuge and tactics. However I will post crazy shit in character right up until the end have no doubt.

This Blog:
This blog continues and will continue into the future, I see no reason to stop even if my original reason for having it (Shards of Thimbral) is for all intents a dead project.
I will just post about all my other RPG projects, the games I'm playing , what my friends are playing and whatever else strikes me as interesting on any given day.

Those are my thoughts this week.
I have to go get ready for our "The Strange" game on roll 20

Leave any questions and  Comments is the rib cage of a desiccated horse below.

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