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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

(D20) Things that washed up on the shore one stormy night.

The  storm was fierce.
The  weather had been grey and rainy for days, the slate sea uncommonly choppy, we all knew it was coming. When it finally arrived it blew in form the ocean in the  afternoon, covering the beach with  frothy angry waves. It intensified through the evening, fishermen moved from tier seasonal huts to the interior for the night. The wind lashed hurled it's fury against the  land. The  moaning of the  wind whipping through the lamenting stones which  rose high above the bay was heard for the first time in many  years. Then as quickly as it came, it cleared, leaving a dark sky ripped by streamers of low white clouds. A beach strewn with  the remains of trees and.....

What did the storm wash up on the beach that night?
Roll D20:
Entry 7, Nasty buggers.
  1. A man naked, beautiful, with golden skin and pure white eyes. His chest covered in strange deeply azure tattoos. He is barely alive. He cradles in his arms a large white feather.
  2. A three foot around still beating heart. With each beat it seems to get slightly larger, arteries and vessels growing from it like strands of seaweed. With each  pump it adds mass and branches out away from it's self. Something is growing, or regrowing , something huge, but what?
  3. Millions of diner plate sized crabs. They are intelligent, they wish to negotiate.
  4. A net bag containing a large amount of gold, and a black lacquer box containing a human skull.
  5. A fifty foot long wicker statue of a four armed man. There is a  grey  wooden chest in side of it secured by chains.
  6. An eyeball the  size of a watermelon. It swivels and turns to observe any one who draws near.
  7. A writhing pile of  spiky tentacles, each one ending in a fanged bulbous mouth. The moment any one approaches the  whole thing scurries off into the nearby brush.
  8. A huge dead whale carcass, any one getting near can hear a voice yelling, "Help, Cut me out!" form inside the beast.
  9. A bag containing several large and obviously very valuable jewels. it is held shut by a rope that is held by an ornately decorated sliver clasp. Also in the  bag is a small sealed scroll case, in that case is a note that says  "deliver to high Viser Nesthrilint" (or whomever you want)
  10. This:
    Antikythera Mechanism

  11. A Long sword encrusted with barnacles and coral. It was once a fine weapon, but was lost to the sea.  A good blacksmith could restore it to usable. Every sword has a story and this swords is likely an interesting one.
  12. A singular jet black cube of soap stone. If anyone picks it up the cube splits into four smaller cubes that float above the holders hand. One of the cubes always points true north, but the others move as the holder moves. It could be a strange navigational device, or a very abstract map.
  13. A house, worse for wear but  intact, very exotic in it's aesthetic. There is movement visible inside.
  14. The storm has unearthed only the uppermost three feet of a stone construction, perhaps it's the top of a tower, or an old harbor construction, regardless no one remembers seeing a building there before.
  15. A 13 foot tall stone golem crawls barnacle covered and weathered from the surf. It proceeds up the beach at a slow but steady pace as if on a mission.
  16. One huge jelly fish, easily ten foot crossed if any one goes near it lashes at them with thirty foot long, slender, poison tentacles. It constantly emits a high pitched buzzing sound any animal near by flees. (dogs, horses, birds, ect..)
  17. A dead and  partially decomposed human corpse chained to a severed human head preserved in a glass jar. The head is sentient and and make facial expressions,because it is  submerged in some  viscous yellow fluid, it can not speak. If the fluid is drained the  first thing the  head will do after gasping and sputtering is start intoning  spells to reanimate his bearer corpse, they attempt to mind control a nearby  unfortunate onlooker (usually the biggest most capable looking warrior in sight)to become a new more suitable bearer corpse. Becoming a litch is hard work and this bastard never got it right. He did learn that deals made with demons are rarely made at face value. Having his "mind live on in eternity" sounded good for the first hundred years.
  18. A large (beach ball sized) globe of  amazing craftsmen ship and detail lies half buried in the sand. Each detail a cut and faceted piece of  painted, inlaid stone. In the center of each major cartographic area a differing finely faceted gem mounted in golden pinions. A true work of art, but what of it's function. Ir definitely reveals some areas thought to be unexplored or beyond the  players current geographic knowledge.
  19. One half of a sturdy rod wrought from ivory and inlaid withe golden runes. A dull silver metal clasp on the upper end shows where a scond piece might fasten, and inscriptions along it's length says "Lest We Forget, the Loss of Wards." It gives off a strong aura of magic, but no other function can be discerned.
  20. The  very classic message in a bottle. the  message i s up to the Games GM, what is interesting is that the  bottle has a bit of mercury like fluid in rolling around in the bottom. This  fluid will move on it's own and  roll around in pellets seemingly attracted to the  players. The fluid is the concentrated intelligence and all of the learning distilled from a wizard that was shipwrecked and badly hurt several years ago. Touching the  fluid will give a player a vivid flash back to the  wizards life, seemingly random, but very very vivid. Drinking the  fluid will overwhelm all but the most intelligent of  creatures driving them insane. At best even an intelligent creature that could hope to contain a second mind will have their personality shattered between their own and that of the wizard. The  fluid has no goals of it's own, it is now only a material a repository of  knowledge, creating flash backs that could  teach an adventures character a great deal.

Bonus stuff from Google image search.
 Roll 1D6



There you go I hope these spark some interesting adventures. As usual if you use any of them just drop me a line with how things turned out.
Please leave any questions or comments in the gigantic conk shell below.

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