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Saturday, October 4, 2014

My 181st post is a list of all my other posts representing things you can use.

When 2014 began I decided to take this blog in the direction of  posting more things people can use in their games rather than just rambling about the games I am working on. 
To that end I  have posted about  twenty four such entries since. I think it has improved the blog. I know there are more people looking at my page than there ever were before, so it  must be at the very least entertaining. 

I know I'm sloppy sometimes, badly edited, and some of the art work is at best hackney. (I still have to redraw Haver's Harrowing Cube.)  Still there are some usable tidbits in here.  I want to make all of it  available to anyone who wants it.

I will be making this  a "Blog Page" that I will update Monthly.

Adventure seeds:
Priory of the Lumbering Colossus:
The drawing that goes with it.

The Hilldugger Inn:

Haver's Harrowing Cube:

Gulild of Rangers (from my  campaign)
dates back to 2013, fluff from my game.

Scarmaw Orcs:
(something I thought was good but received very little  feed back.. shrug)

a cave map:

A temple map (with a standing stone that I have been told looks like a wiener. Classy interwebs, real classy.)

A sort of  abstract  map

Sharak Falls temple:
sloppy as hell but a fun map.


Character stuff:


A 5th ed background: (The Archeologist)
This has 498 views as of today I think only because the  term 5th ed is in the title.

Sword of Stone and Blood

The Pin of Skull Crushing:

Random lightly silly potions alternatives.

Random charts of stuff:

100 random things that can happen in a bar.

100 Things lying in the corner of your dungeon.

100 Things that Just might be in that inaccessible valley 
(I feel this is my best one)

 2d20 pantheon of Fool , Devils, and Cretins.
(its a drop chart really)

d100 things that might be in that hollow tree.

100 Random Mutations:

Natural cave hazards:
(my second best)

D20 Things that washed up on the  shore: