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Monday, December 29, 2014

A non review of "A Red and Pleasant Land"

Being this is my 200th post I expect Cake.

From the  tumbler "humanHeart" I can't site the  real source.

Here is my non-review of, "A Red and Pleasant Land" by Zak Smith.
This is based on my reading of the PDF. I'm waiting on my physical copy which wont be here in the states for a while yet.


"If You have been on the fence about buying it, Buy it.  Or Just Buy it, It's very good."

End of Review.
Forget that it is hard cover and amazing to look at.
fro get that the  production values make this book a game changer.
Forget that the  artwork is miles ahead of any of the photo-shop paintings that have become all the rage in the gaming industry.

The only thing that matters to me is  that It's game-able.
It has interesting usable charts.
It has ideas, style, thoughts and all kinds of things that a GM could use / steal even if they don't give a darn about the setting.
It is a usable game book, In fact one of the most usable I have ever seen.

No need for me to hoist 10000 words on this one.

Here is Zak Smith talking about it
Here is a review on Dungeon of Signs
"Again this art is better to my eye than anything I’ve seen in a game book, because Smith is a very talented professional artist and unafraid to work in a style that is unique and quite far from the glossy concept art style of digital painting popular in most current high quality game products." From teh review above.
Here is a Player perspective on Save Vs. TPK

Another review from Nemo's lounge

Something by Nerdwerds.
And this From the Geek Life Project
"Zak does have one major advantage over the rest of us who scribble down various gaming projects. He’s his own artist and a damn good one too. The words and pictures on the page come from the same brain. Like Vornheim, the artwork isn't just something to give a visual representation to the reader. It is part of the product. Not only functionally but it blends with the words to create a consistent and unique vision." From the review linked above
See a pattern?
It's a damn good product.

As this is the  200th post here I figure I should  write a bit about where the blog is going for hopefully the next 200 posts:

Look out for more purely gamble posts in the future.  I have put allot of opinion words on the wall here lately and owe a  great deal of "back tax" as they say. As a loose rule, I'm no longer going to dedicate this blog space to my personal projects. I'm simply not looking to develop anything like I was when I started this blog.  The AAIE game is still out there and I do plan on doing some work on it in the future if I do I will  let everyone here know but I'm not going to write about the process as much. For the record The game as it stands now is a mess, but it's a fun train wreck to watch so I should make an effort to get back to it.

As always
Thank you for reading.
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