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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Krampus 2014 "The Kramping"

This is a post that will be primarily of interest to group I normally game with. I figured I would post it publicly because every one loves a good train wreck.

The  annual Krampus fantasy adventure is upon us!
The  bitter anti-saint is again terrorizing the land and heroes are needed.

Last year Jay ran the wildly successful caves of Krampus, this year I'll be doing the honors.
Big elf shoes to fill, no doubt.

here are the rules of the game.
  • Bring any character from any fantasy  based game we have played.
  • Normalize that character to  5th level.
  • Your charater will be treated in accordance to whatever system they were built in.
    • WTF? I'll explain
    • If  Russ uses a 3rd edition character, when he attempts something. I will set a difficulty that he will have to beat on a d20 + atrib mods , using feats.
    • If Jay uses a first edition character he will be using D20 Vs a THAC0 armor class.
    • If someone uses a dungeon world character I will  slot his  action into  moves and he will roll 2d6 +applicable mods to determine success and so on.
    • Someone  uses a AAIE character expect to roll 3d20.
    • And so on
  • We will not be using grid based combat. That might hinder someone wanting to use a 4th ed character or a Block game character. I'm sorry.
  • Lets try to keep it to games we have played, I don't want to learn a new system for a one off.
  • I will try to keep it to one night? 
  • Treasure and such will be one use and exclusive to this pocket dimension Cypher system style. If you find it it's not going home with you.
  • This is an adventure not a campaign so expect a bit of railroading and  set pieces, not my usual shtick but  that's the point.
  • Things will be confusing and screwed up, it's the power of Krampus that compels me.

Far to the north past even the ice escarpments beyond the wall of Krom, lies a secluded valley. Secluded and unknown to most. It is the  home of the yearly rights of Saturn that mark the mid of winter and summon the power spring.
The Children who perform the  ritual are trained from early childhood until the age of nine to perform the  ritual exactly. It is both a ritual and a child's right of passage. The ritual is unknown outside this northern valley,  but the Saturn ritual benefits all.
But all is not right.
The children are missing.
The ritual can not be performed.
There will be no  ritual of Saturn.
No spring.
Winter everlasting.
Other Cliches.
The elders know it is the work of the Krampus.
Heroes must be  summoned, this can not stand!