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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lamenting my relationship with Kick Starter.

Once it's done.
This is not about bad kick-starters or failed kick-starters, I have never been burned on a kick-starter project. Not that I remember.
Failed Kick Starters and the fear of being a failed kick starter I covered way back here on Nov 15 of 2013.

Kick Starter I do love thee, conceptually.
I want to back all of the  things. I want to give money to the people in my G+ groups who are making fantastic things.
I want to buy work, even before it's completed..
Still I don't back much.
I want to love kick starter.
But I can't.

The reasons are two primary weaknesses in my own character.
I'm inpatient, and I am forgetful.

I received a package yesterday that contained two sprues of minis from a Kick-starter I (actualy my wife for me) backed before  Christmas 2013. I can't work that way, I don't have a clue what that sprue of parts is for. Was this an add on level? an extra? why are there rules in this package for a whole different game line? What's going on?
Then there's my inpatient side. Usually I get really fired up about a kick starter and by the time I get a physical thing, I've simply lost the desire to play it.

So here is my  oath.
Even though I love every thing Kickstarter represents.
In an effort to keep my front door from being visited by  packages that I don't remember ordering, with game items that I don't remember wanting. I'm going to avoid backing kick-starters.
(Honestly I have only backed two or three. I have been sorely tempted on many.)
If you are in my G+ groups and making games It's not personal if I don't back your kick starter, I'll buy it when it's done.

Thank you for reading.
questions and comments can be left if the empty coffer below.