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Friday, January 2, 2015

More henchman madness (a 3D10 compound, Instant Hench chart.)

"Henchman 21" Via Venture Brothers.

Through the  years I have come to enjoy what I set up less, and the crazy random things that happen  within the frame work of what I have set up more. I wrote AAIE with that random strangene spirit in mind, and as a continuation of that I decided to give more thought to random henchmen in general.


Consider this open chart play-testing:

This can also be used in conjunction with this Post to generate more interesting results.

To use this chart:
  1. Roll 3D10, all at once in front of you.
  2. Reference the die that land furthest to the left first, for the top row of the chart giving a general sex of the Hench (male / female).
  3. Use the D10 that landed in the  middle to referance  down the left side for a pre-hench profession out of Column 1.(usually its Peasant Farmer)
  4. Look at the left most D10  for rows and the second D10 for columns and cross reference to the center of the chart for a descriptor. (some negative some positive)
  5. Do the same as above except reference the middle positioned D10 for rows this time and the furthest rightmost D10 for columns as a a cross reference to yield the second word in the box which is a personality trait or another more useful career or some other  note.
  6. If in step 3 or 4 the result is a second pre-Hench career use the result to pad the henchman description. Ie: this henchman is a Female, Peasant farmer, Debtor.
  7. Results assume the NPC race as human unless otherwise specified, or you want it to be  a slug goblin or what ever...

To view the chart sections more closely double click the sections.

A roll of 3D10 that came up  3. 6. 5 in these positions respective to each other would yield:  

"A male peasant Farmer, who is road worn and unorganized. "

A roll of 3D10 that came up  10. 2. 7 in these positions respective to each other would yield: 

"A female bar servant who has a vacant stare and is very mercenary. (She will leave for an offer of more gold.)"

Hope you find some use for this , 
Have a great 2.01.5
(A male, former rag picker and bar server who constantly makes vulgar gestures.)

leave any questions or comments in the  hat of the  scruffy sailor next to you.

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