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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gloves of Memories Lost (A Magic Item)

Magic item time.
System agnostic.

This was inspired by the call for  magic items to be used in the  Lamentations of the  Flame Princess.
I'm not entering a magic item because I have no idea at all about the aesthetic of LotFP.  I don't own the game, I have not read it. I have only seen the incredible art in bits and pieces around the web. while I kind of get the idea, I don't think I get it well enough to waste anyone's time. Point being I don't think about magic items all that much, but it got me thinking.

Gloves of Memories Lost:

Red cloth, medium length, worn finish, embroidered with a gold string around the cuff. Old. Dusty. Blood stained.
These gloves were commissioned by an underworld figure that had become obsessed with knowing others secrets. They served him for several years, then at the time of his death were lost.
The  enchanter who made the  gloves was never satisfied with the  result, but stopped experimenting with the idea once payment was tendered.

Know powers:
When worn the  gloves steal memories from any  person whose bare skin can be touched by the gloves.
This is an active power the wearer does not trigger the  power.
When the  gloves are found memories may be stolen up to 1d10 times before enchantment must be refreshed.

Memories stolen become assimilated into the  memories of the  wearer as if they were always his or her own. Even though the wearer knows the memory  came from the gloves target the wearer literally remembers the stolen memory as if they had created it.

To find the nature of the memory stolen by using the chart below. (1d10)
1 to 4 The memory is vivid but mundane, Buying a horse, the targets most recent lover, a recent journey.
5. Something the target has forgotten, but would be helpful to remember.
6. Something bad that happened to the Target, a memory of injury or pain.
7. Something joyous that happened to the  target.
8. A secret information, information once shared with the target in confidence.
        If the target is a magic users a roll of 8 grants a chance to steal a memorized spell, 
       At the GM's discretion. The gloves user  be able to use the  spell once
9. A dark childhood memory, a child scared in the  dark at night, a traumatic event, something the target has tried to lock away and forget.
10. Something the  target deeply regrets, or is ashamed of.

The exact detail level and contents of these memories is up to the GM. Stolen memories are all complete as if fresh in the mind of the gloves user, even if they would be foggy or obscured in the mind of the target.
The value of the memory to the user of the glove is up to the players'  interpretation.

Recharging the gloves:
The gloves may only be recharged only once they  have no further charges.
The only way to  recharge the  gloves is to bathe them in  a sentient beings blood by killing in combat combat.
The closer the combat the more charges will be regained.
Kill with a lance spear or pole arm 1d4 charges
Kill with a 2 handed sword  , or other r "great" weapon. 1d6 charges.
Kill with a one handed melee weapon. 1d8 charges.
Kill with a dagger or in hand to hand combat 1d10 charges.

Side effects:
Sorrowing Old Man ('At Eternity's Gate') Vincent van Gogh
Users of the  gloves absorb memories both useful and useless, both happy and foul into their minds. These memories are fresh and raw to the user. There is no time to build the psychological walls we all build to protect ourselves from our most painful, dark, or shameful memories.
Users of the gloves often find themselves wracked with  guild or self loathing over some dark memory stolen from another, perceived as their own. These users may fall into a deep depression, have nightmares, or experience other psychological traumas.
Only a true sociopath liek the glove original owner could hope to be immune to this psychological barrage.
This effect can be handled through role playing, or whatever psychological trauma rules your game of choice contains.

As always Thank you for reading ,
Hope this spurs some more ideas somewhere else out there.
Please leave your comments below in a place we can all remember.

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