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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Here's a game, Your number is 5

Your Number is 5:

  • 2 or more players one of them is a GM.
    • If your character is bad at something  you roll 1d6
    • If your character is  OK at something you roll 1d8
    • If your character is  good at something you roll 1d10
    • If your character is  very good at something you roll 1d12.
      • To be successful you have to roll 5 or higher.
      • The higher you roll the better your character does at whatever.
      • The lower you roll under 5  (1-4) the  worse off your character is from whatever.

That's it.

Ground covered a thousand times before. I guess that makes this a boring post. I'm still going to press forward, cause it's Wednesday.
Is it a game?
It could be if we played it, right?
No, No, No .. this is just a mechanic not a game... why?
What makes it not a game?
It's just a "thing" right, like a stupid Mark thing like the rest of those things...?
What makes a game at all?

Some Links sending you off to things I read before writing this:
What makes a game a game : Keith Burgun for Gamasutra
Our benevolent Wikipedia's Role Playing Game description.
An Ultra light Pocket-mod OSR style RPG by the talented Stuart Robertson.
A slide show in PDF format from, it contains interesting parts about games and learning.
A list of nano games, From Fine mess games. My example is not meant to be a nano / micro game.
An Old School fruitcake recipe.
These are games .... American free Form LARP.

100% old school.
Thank you for reading,
have a great day.

Leave thoughts comments and  hate filled accusations of  fruit maceration in the bowl below.
Lets have fun with this one.

*Note to self this was the  least read post I have written in MONTHS! so yeah stay off this topic :) HA! FUGGIN A!